spc, aem & rejoice!

brrrrr….it’s been getting nippier & nippier lately…the weather forecast called for possible flurries….already?!  the high today was going to be in the 40s & the low tonite is going down to near freezing….yowzers, time to pull out the fleece pants & pullovers! 

this morning, i warmed up by doing some yoga stretching…i had a yoga class to go to so i wanted to warm up.  i like to wear comfy & sporty pants & shirts…my prefered yoga garb.  if i had it my way, i would wear yoga gear 247, lol.  actually, sometimes i do when i work with my school clients.  i have mostly male students & they are kinda a rough & tumble bunch.  & i’d rather wear  my sporty clothes & my ultra-comy sneaks when i’m working with this bunch.  it just is not practical to wear “nice” clothes with these boys, lol. 

when i worked in a hospital, i used to love wearing scrubs & my crocs.  they were oh-so comfy…just like wearing p.j.s  to work…sometimes i wish i could just wear scrubs to school…maybe i will wear the scrub pants & the crocs…i am all about COMFORT, you know what i mean…pediatric (or hospital) speech therapy is  not exactly a glamorous job…altho, back in the day, i remember wearing “business” attire when i was a brand new speech therapist.  i wouldn’t dream of doing that these days!  on occasion, i do like to sport a cute skirt & top…but i tend to do that in warmer months…in colder months i want WARMTH & COMFORT, lol!

speaking of warmth, i did a few postures to get the ol’ blood flow pumping… 

spc1.jpg baddha konasana (aka cobbler’s pose)…i don’t know why, but i love doing this posture.  it’s a great hip opener & you certainly get the blood flow to the ol’ noggin!

spc2.jpg a seated side bend…it really is my attempt at a seated lotus side bend, but my ol’ foot just wouldn’t cooperate at that moment. 

spc5.jpg  next, i did a seated spinal twist.  i like how this opens & stretches your upper torso.

spc3.jpg  i usually do yoga in my barefeet.  it just was a bit chilly in the room & i was getting ready to go to my class.  plus, i wanted to show off my wicked cute sneaks…they are so comfy:)

spc4.jpg  this is not an actual yoga pose…just me trying to see if i can get both my face & foot in the same frame, lol!  pls. don’t try this at home…unless you want to feel like a pretzel!

aem1a.jpg when i got back from yoga class & some lite grocery shopping, i headed to my studio to work on these thank you wips  for the gals who participated in the ar-TEA swap i hosted a couple months ago.  i know, better late than never, right? aem2a.jpg  i was tickled that i didn’t break the needle of my li’l sewing machine the other day  that i decided to keep practiciing…& in doing so, i made 14 of these fabric atcs…my contribution to AEM.   don’t they just speak whimsy?  

victoriamag.jpg  at the grocery, i was ELATED to see VICTORIA back!!!  OMG…i had been a faithful subscriber since 1990 until they discontinued in 2002 (the year i got married)…i was crushed when that happened.  that magazine was/is the EPITOME of style, grace & romance.  even though there may be similar mags these days…they do not, in my opinoin, hold a candle to my beloved VICTORIA.  seriously…they were the 1st of it’s kind…my wedding was very much inspired by their magazine.  i still have pictures i kept for inspiration for my wedding cake & cake table.  you don’t understand my love affair with this mag. it was like my primer for all things pretty & romantic.   i am THRILLED that it is BACK!  yay, i will be once again a happy subscriber!

oops, got a bit carried away…but you don’t understand….it was a sad day when my victoria mags didn’t come anymore.  BUT now they will again… oh joy!


7 Responses

  1. Hi sweetie! I was thinking about you loads today because Maggie wore her wicked cute ballerina turtleneck. I took a pic and I will post it tomorrow.

    Hope you are doing well. Love your ATC! Very whimsical!

  2. i love your shoes! these are great pics.

    ps. your link to the spc site is not correct, you may want to try to load it again. ;-D i screwed up on mine already! hehe

  3. I so love your fabric ATC’s…..so cute and whimsy for sure….
    If I could twist my body into those yoga poses…I would need a can opener to pry my body apart…LOL
    Thanks for sharing the pics…hope your wednesday is wonderful!!!

  4. wow mary-ann how nimble are you, I am super jealous.
    Love the little thank you’s they are so cute

  5. I want your shoes! I’ve been trying to do Pilates lately. I would love to come up and take a yoga class with you.
    By the way, I received your lovely charm a couple of days ago. Thanks! I’m working on something for you. Thanks for the moo card –I’ll send you one of mine.

  6. Oooh, so super flexible! i can’t even see my toes, hahaha!

    Like you, I had a huge love affair with Victoria from when I first discovered it in about 1992 until about 2000 when it became hard to find in Australia. And I didn’t like it when they “modernised” the cover and format. So I’m glad to have it back too!!!!!!!!! YAY! I pre-registered a subscription a few months ago, but haven’t seen anything over here yet. I’ll probably get it in January, once Christmas is over. hah.

  7. I can completely relate about Victoria magazine. I too was a subscriber and was so bummed when they ended it. I still have many of the old issues. I got a letter when they decided to publish it again and signed up. I too am glad it’s back. I also love your ATC you made. Very pretty.

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