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yesterday, when i went to this vintage paper show, i didn’t have anything in particular i was searching…not really.  although, i  was kinda on a lookout  for some christmas posties that i thought i could use for the matchbox ornies i will be making for danielle’s shabby chic christmas matchbox ornament swap.  this is one of many swaps that i have joined hosted by my blog pal, danielle.  i have so many amazing artwork from her swaps, which all are displayed in the office/guestroom.  anyhoo, the deadline for this particular swap is nov. 20th…i have all my paper, trims & my embellishments, but i wanted to see if i could find some extra cute christmas pretties 🙂    

vps7.jpg i got there 1st thing as i wanted to give myself a couple of hours browse time before i had to go over to another event (the lunch & swap i mentioned a couple of posts ago)…there wasn’t a huge crowd yet, which i was grateful because i don’t care for crowds…especially when trying to view a kajillion cards & other paper ephemera.  oh there were some antique dealers who, along with their vintage paper, also had some jewelry, bottles, miscellaneous vintage “junk” & even furniture.   

vps2.jpg  wasn’t i thrilled to come across these pretties?  i’m going to scan all these in my ‘puter, print them, cut them out & back ’em with cardboard.  they will be good to go for my matchbox ornies that i will be making today.  ooooh, i can’t wait.  the creative juices are a-flowing, lol…vps3.jpg  a couple of women dealers had some pretty vintage what-nots…all for a dollar or less.  that long rectangular object is some sort of box from the 50s or 60s.  it was a buck…but i think i will put some treats in there & give it to one of my several swap partners…not telling tho, because that’s going to be a surprise, hee-hee.

vps4.jpg this too was a dollar.  it’s a retro “hoisery bag”…can you believe there was such a thing?  it supposedly is machine washable & has these nifty compartments.   & the color, is that not divine?!    i think some lucky swap partner is going to be surprised & hopefully delighted to find this among her swap goodies 🙂 vps6.jpg  don’t you just love when you find treasures serendipitously?  i absolutely do!  it always pays to go in with an open mind, doesn’t it?

handmademonday2.jpg  i am participating in leah’s AEM challenge & so this morning, i decided to get over my on-going frustations & battles with the sewing machine & whipped up this little bit of whimsy that i call tea timeyou have no idea how happy i am that i did not break the needle while stitching this atc.  it must be that i was in a relaxed state of mind, huh?  anyway, the sewing, i realize, is a bit wonky, but i did it!  that’s the main thing, lol!  i will just have to  continue to practice machine sewing  on small pieces before i get the nerve up to doing large-scale pieces.  & oh yeh, remain calm, lol.

that’s all for now.  have to start crack-a-lacking on my matchbox wips.  have an awesome week! xoxo


4 Responses

  1. what awesome finds you purchased….I wish there were shows like that around my area….but alas…I am happy looking at yours….can’t wait to see what you make with all your goodies…
    I so love the tea cup you sewed….really pretty…
    thanks for sharing it all!!!

  2. that tea cup is darling!!

  3. that tea cup is darling!!

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