cracking the wip

i suppose the upside to being involved in so many swaps is that i am constantly creating.  & leah’s  AEM couldn’t have come at a better time, because, i will be creating loads well into the new year.   the past couple of days i have been busily working on some wips for a few swaps.  i finished 3 wips & decided it was time to come up for air, hahaha!aem4.jpg two are for an offline swap that is due tomorrow at a local stamp place i frequent.  the 3rd wip is for a swap partner in this swap i’m co-hosting on flickr.  are you like me?  once you start on a project, you become so immersed that you start to lose track of time?  yup, that was me these past 48 hours.  aem2.jpg  see this tea cup & saucer number?  well, it is pretty much (except for the fabric trim/ embellishments) fashioned out of old cardboard from a spaghetti box, scapbook paper, copy of a vintage photo & sheet music.  i had a blast creating this for my partner…i almost don’t want to part with it, but i will be good & give it up to my assigned partner.  i even made a faux tea bag & adhered the string part to the whimsical kidlet’s hand.  i sealed everything (that was paper, that is) with matte gel medium.  i made this totally from scratch.  actually, this idea came to me yesterday when i woke up.  i literally had a vision of using this vintage photo image & crafting a paper tea cup.  amazing, what the mind dreams up, huh?  & here’s the manisfestation as proof.  aem11.jpg the next couple of projects are for a local swap.  one challenge was an alphabet atc swap & i was assigned the letter “w”… i basically stamped various images & alpha letters & glued paper scraps, die cuts of “W” & baby ric rac.  once i decided on what the atc was going to look like & made the “prototype”, i pretty much made a batch of these a- la- assembly- line fashion.  i find that things go rather more quickly & efficiently this way than doing each atc one start to finish.  i had to make 16 of these & i really wanted to be quick about it, you know. aem3.jpg  the other project was to create a 4×4 collage with a fall theme.  since i’ve been using so much fabric lately (from making those vintage christmas stockings previously discussed), i decided to create a collage with mostly paper & minimal fabric embellishments.  for a change of pace, ya know.  i remembered a while back that i had gotten some of basic grey‘s wicked cute fall papers & alpha die cuts that i thought they would be perfect to use for the collage. i used a light brown marker to outline the letters so that the word, fall, would stand out better.  it’s busy, i realize, but i guess my subconcious must have taken over because that is precisely how i am these days.  also, i liked the whimsical designs of the papers that i just wanted to use them.  come to think of it, i think my sub-conscious must have guided my eyes & hands with all three of these projects because they all seem to have that same busy, whimsical look about them…& even stayed in the same color palette too, wow,,,that was not at all pre-planned.   when you get on a creative roll, things sort of just come to gether, don’t they?  that’s pretty wild, if you asked me.

for the past couple of days, i have been crafting away…& have left some household chores undone.  it seems i am constantly doing laundry & there’s only  just the 2 of us!  go figure, lol.  i found out that there will be a vintage paper show in town tomorrow (starts at 8am, oh goody!)…will go to that & see what lovelies i can find.  oh not to worry, i will post whatever i am lucky enough to find 🙂  then later tomorrow morning, i’ll be off to turn in my 2 swap projects i talked about above.  it’s actually a lunch & swap, where we pass a dish & swap our goodies with others.  one thing i’m not really looking forward to is to telling the group that i’m going to have to sit out the next round of swaps because i simply am too busy with all these online swaps that i’ve commited to!  i hope they will understand.  i know one gal in particular always manages to talk me into playing…but i gotta stand firm & not get talked into doing anymore…not until well into the new year!  i’m in over my head with swaps as it is…have you seen my sidebar lately? omg, lol!

oh yes, i will likely post the next creative prompt for handmade monday sometime tomorrow.  i just want to make sure that handmade monday has an OPEN DOOR policy…contribute when you can & as often as you would like or your schedule/life premits.   so please, there is no pressure to create someting handmade each week…we all have lives & creativity comes in spurts.   please  know that i do understand & that participation in my weekly creative challenge will be based upon your specific schedule. prioroties, mood, energy, etc., etc.  okay?  OKAY, lol!  no handmade monday policing, that’s for sure!

the dh is calling me to help him with a project.  so, bye for now.  have a wicked awesome weekend! xoxo 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Your creations are absolutely awesome….I love them all…especially that collage…and tea cup…amazing!!!
    It is very easy to get caught up in so many swaps…that is why right now I am only doing one on one swaps…until things settle down and I get more
    Thanks for sharing your creations..they really are inspiring!

  2. such great work! i especially love the fabric fall collage!

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