lucky gals & creative everday challenge

just as the dh predicted, we had no trick-or-treators come to the house last night.  oh well…what are you  gonna do, right?  we went out to dinner last night & saw so many kids dressed in their halloween costumes…some were just absolutely precious…anyway, i hope that you & yours had a wickedly delightful halloween!

today starts us off in a new month, november.  wow, already?!!!  & leah is hosting her annual art everyday month.  but before i go any further, i need to mention the lucky gals of my wysiwyg wednesday giveaway first.

since there were 4 gals’ names in the running, i decided to throw in this extra charm to the mix so that ALL the gals could each have a charm…yeah, that’s how i roll, hahaha!

ww4.jpg  it’s actually one of 2 that i kept for myself before i sent all the completed charms to the swap.  so, MICHEL…this is your lucky day!  yay!  i already have your info, so this will be winging it’s way to you very soon! 🙂

ww1.jpg  this sweet li’l number goes to ELLIE, since she mentioned that she liked this one in particular. please email me with your mailing addy ellie & this will be sent to you pronto! beguile.jpg this beguiling number goes to JANA, woohoo!  you lucky first-timer you!  can’t remember at the moment if i have your info already or not…so would you be a dear & email me with your info anyway jana? my brain is on overload these days, lol!

& finally, dream.jpg this dreamy number goes to TAMMY, since she said she was fond of this one.  i have your 411 tammy, so this will be out to you soon my dear!  CONGRATS to all you lovely gals…see, didn’t i tell you it was going to be a win-win situation? 🙂  thanks for playing this month’s wysiwyg wednesday ladies!  next wysiwyg wednesday will be november 28th…so check back & see what’s up for grabs then!

to kick off the first day of the creative everyday challenge, i share this:

matchbox.jpg (before)  i took this big, plain matchbox

for-petah-1.jpg (after) & turned the once plain jane box it into this fabulousness…it’s a trinket box i made for a swap partner who has a passion for all things pink & girly.  it’s one of my li’l gifties i made as part of this swap i’m hosting.  i stuffed little what-nots in this altered matchbox


here’s the rest of my partner’s swap loot…i hope to mail this out tomorrow…i’ve a rather long day at the school as it is conference day…

for-petah.jpg  i’ve mentioned this stocking i made in a previous post, so i won’t bore you…just wanted to show you all the pretties that will be stuffed in my partner’s stocking


i’m going to try to create something when i get home from work tonite…tho i can’t guarantee this  because i have a feeling that i will be wiped out from all those after school meetings, lol!  we shall see if i can muster up any energy later tonight…the nice thing about creative everyday is that you go at your own pace…thank goodoness for that!

have a great thursday!  shine on 🙂 


7 Responses

  1. oh Mary-Ann you are spoling me with all these pretty pictures, the matchbox is so shabby cute, I love it, next year I am defo getting you to make me a stocking you make the most beautiful ones I have ever seen

  2. Oh yay! Thanks for the fab charm! 🙂 I LOVE it!

    I love that box you altered too. I may have to borrow your idea for Christmas presents. I have a sister or two who would love that!

  3. I left you a message on the wrong page….mailed my 411 to you….

  4. You are so inspiring and so generous! Look at all the beauty you’re creating in the world!

    That’s too bad no kids came by for Halloween. We had exactly the same experience, and now there is way too much candy in our house. Ack!

    I’ll look forward to seeing all your creativity this month!

  5. happy november! i so love all those charms!

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes dear. What’s this – I missed your draw. Oh NO! I’ve been finding I need to step away from my computer a bit and get busy with the creating! Here I am back again though. Just had to stop by to say HI and thanks for starting handmade Monday. I will be ever so happy to join but may not be actually participating for a few weeks. We’ll see. I love the idea. I am running VERY hot and cold right now about opening my etsy shop, probably next week. I’ve decided to transform myself to pixydreams for that. Read about it at my flickr.
    And thanks for hosting the vintage Christmas stocking too. Something else I need to get cracking with.
    Angels be with you beautiful,
    Wendy XO

  7. Ohhh how beautiful! Kids hardly come here for Halloween either… :(( I miss them though. :(( Anyhoo, wonderful post! 🙂

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