trick or treat, it’s wysiwyg wednesday!


it’s the eve of halloween & it’s pratically wednesday…the last one of the month.  & you know what that means?  it’s time for wysiwyg wednesdayyay, my monthly freebie giveaway! ( & incidently, mercury will finally get out of retrograde!  thank goodness!)

we’re going to do things a bit different this week because i am still recovering from sticker shock from my recent trips to the post office… i just sent a couple of packages overseas & they cost me a small fortune…so, if you don’t mind, i want to giveaway prezzies on the, ahem, petite side, lol!  that way, it won’t be such a shock to the system (& not to mention, the ol’ pocketbook) when i mail out the freebies.

charmed-im-sure-swap.jpg a while ago, actually this past summer, i participated in this charm swap hosted by angela & when i got back from the east coast a couple weeks ago, i received my lion’s share of CHARMS…how fab!  i apparently made some extra charms & so angela kindly returned them to me…so, it dawned on me that i could give these li’l charms away for wysiwyg wednesday!  they are wicked light & won’t cost me an arm & a leg to mail either!  it’s a win-win situation, the way i see it 🙂

so here’s what up for grabs this week:

item #1ww1.jpg entitled sweet; it has a tiny pic of a 1940’s couple, probably war-time sweethearts? i used glitter, tiny seed beeds, misc. beads, vintage text, & diamond glaze…this (as well as the other 2 below) has a lobster claw clasp, ready for clipping onto your fav charm bracelet or necklace.

item #2beguile.jpg is one i call, beguile.  it’s of a cute gal (c. 1930s or 40s) that i overlaid onto vinage text.  added glitter & seed beads.  diamond glazed it to seal everything in place & then added with an extra dangling row of beads.

& item #3dream.jpg  this one, i call dream.  it’s got a li’l victorian kiddie overlaid onto some vintage sheet music.  same deal as the other two above:  seed beads, glitter & diamond glaze.  oh yes, an extra row of dangling beads.

all 3 charms measure approximately an inch or so…i had fun creating these li’l treasures:)  if you are interested in any one of these charms, drop me a comment & tell me so.  i will take names till the end of wednesday (that’s midnite, cst).  i will announce the lucky recipients on thursday.

until then, shine on! & have a safe & frightfully delightful  halloween!!!


5 Responses

  1. Mary Ann – you’re sweet to keep doing this! Mailing costs have become quite crazy! My last swap partner was overseas as well, and it cost me $15 just to MAIL the package! Yikes!!

    I would love to win one of your amazing charms!! I Particularly like DREAM! 🙂 Hugs, friend.

  2. Mary Ann- I definitely know what you mean about shipping costs … it can get out of hand. These charms are wonderful…so cute!!! Hard to decided…I would be thrilled to win any of them….I especially like the one that says Sweet…
    Take care…… and have a “spooktacular” Halloween!!!!!

  3. Your Halloween pic is so vintagy festive. Hope your’e having a eerily charming All Hallows Eve. Would you throw my name in for any one of your unique and lovely charms! Thank you my dear!

  4. OOOOhhhhhhh my first time participating!!!!

    Mailing things far away IS extremely costly, especially if the items you are shipping are heavy… light & fluffy is always good for overseas!

    I would love to throw my name in for one of the charms, they are so cute!!! Especially “Beguile”…. I love how you made them!!

  5. Happy halloween, well bit late really, but better late than never.
    oh Mary – Ann you are so gifted how gorgeous are those charms, I would like to enter but I totally understand if you leave me out cause of all the fabola things I have received from you along with being in the UK

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