sushi, sushi

after running a few errands yesterday, i had a taste for sushi.  well, technically, maki (cooked sushi).  i’m not brave enough to go for the real, raw stuff.  i headed to the only japanese take-out place in my town, called toyko grill.  i believe i’ve mentioned this place before.  it’s been a while since i’ve been there, but it was near the post office & i was getting hungry.  besides, mike, the owner of this one-man establishment, was happy to see me & asked where i have been lately?  busy, busy is what i told him.  i ordered some california makis to go.  my mouth was watering just thinking about eating those delectable rolls.  my dh isn’t so fond of sushi.  one time i actually made some california rolls from scratch.  they didn’t turn out too bad.  but my dh wasn’t impressed.  oh well…i know that mike’s sushi will be awesome.  i couldn’t wait to get home & feast on this little meal. 

  spc12.jpg  can you say yummo?  i prefer to eat sushi plain…i’m not a fan of the ginger or the blistering hot mustard.  i just put those in the pix for effect, ya know…

spc22.jpg come to mama!



spc6.jpg ahhhh, that was pure delight! 

i definitely need to treat myself to more of these scrumptious sushi.  i was reveling in  my sushi, that i didn’t even noticed that i was eating them alone.   i’m almost glad the dh doesn’t care for them…more for me to enjoy, ha!

spc7.jpg  this pix has nothing to do with sushi…i just wanted to throw it in this post for one sweet li’l girlie.  see maggie, i have water shoes just like you & ethan! xoxo 

i can’t believe that tomorrow is HALLOWEEN already!  we live so far in the sticks that we have not once had anybody come trick-or-treat.  for the past couple of years, i have bought bags & bags of candy to pass out…& NADA at halloween.  ZIPPO!  it is very odd, because other places we have lived, we’ve had TONS of trick-or-treaters…the dh told me to forget about it this year bec. chances are that no-one will come.  they never have.  but, i do have a couple of bags just in case…

my dear soul sista,melanie reminded me about art everyday month starting in a couple of days.  i participated last year & i attempted to create (almost) everyday for the whole entire month of november. it was challenging, but a lot of fun…so  i want to do it again this year too! 

speaking of which, i have to finish a swap wip & then go run my errands.  thanks, btw, to all of you who have conspired with me in the HANDMADE REVOLUTION!  i really am tickled pink that you are on board with me!  thank  you!!

happy tuesday! xoxo


6 Responses

  1. My daughter is a massive fan of sushi…she cannot get enough of it…I have tried it once…it was ok…but the one you are eating has avocado in it and I love avocado…may have to look around for that…lol
    Now I am hungry-lol
    create every day sounds like fun…I have seen the website before but everyday is quite a stretch for me…I look forward to seeing everyone’s creations.
    take care
    p.s. we also never get trick or treaters…we used to years ago…but it seems the neighborhood has changed and there are very few…also I think my dogs barking at the windows tend to scare them away!

  2. Mmmmm… sushi…. is California the kind that has crab? I love that kind…

    AEM is already here??????? OMW! Crap! I need to get some supplies together.

  3. YUM!! I am a huge sushi fan. I like the raw stuff too, though! Now, after reading your post (and seeing yummy photos) I may have to have sushi for lunch today. It grosses Mike out, so I have to do it when it’s just me, too!

  4. Maggie LOVES your shoes. She wants some just like yours. You are the BEST Mary Ann!!! I owe you a proper thank you for our goodies. They were so wonderful to come home to last night after we went trick or treating by Ana Liza’s house (Sean had to work late so we went over her house)Unfortunately Maggie’s got quite a cold now so with cleaning up and posting (trying to do the every day thing) I am a busy girl. I am hoping to have some down time to relax tonight so I don’t get sick too!

    Much Love to you my soul sister!!!


  5. YUM!!! I just went out last week for the first time for the real, raw sushi and I absolutely loved it! I’ve been eating the cooked sushi for years and years. I had a salmon roll that absoutely melted in my mouth….we were with 2 other couples and each ordered a few different rolls and we all shared. We had over $100 of sushi!!! The only one I wasn’t brave enough to try was the eel roll. That did not sound good at all.

  6. OMG i love sushi!! I always get crawfish rolls and the salmon! mmmm…. yummy!

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