handmade monday

i am so  tickled that some of you actually get my concept of handmade monday & that you have jumped on board.  i just knew i wasn’t alone in this thinking!  this has been  something that i have been actually thinking about for some time now.  for as long as i can remember, i  have always enjoyed making handmade cards & gifts for family & friends.  even in the swaps i participate, i prefer to create something crafted from my own hands rather than just buy something solely from the store.  creating something handmade is  a very thoughtful, personal, loving gift from the heart.  the time spent making such a gift is often times labor-intensive…but in the end, isn’t it worth the trouble knowing that you have made someone’s day or brought them joy in some way?  that line of thinking is what motivates me into choosing handmade over store bought.   

i have been making things for much of my life, but i have noticed in the last 5 or so years, an explosion of “craftivity”….have you seen all these craft/scrap/knitting/bead shops cropping up everywhere it seems?  how about the plethora of craft books & magazines out there now?  it is mind-boggling really.  just go to your local barnes & noble or other such bookstore & be prepared to be amazed at the craft books & magazines you will find there! not only that, there’s a HUGE increase in craft or DIY or indie fairs out there too…oh, &  i haven’t even mentioned all the arty-crafty sites on the net!  omg, there is a wicked TON out there.  see what i mean when i say, it’s a HANDMADE REVOLUTION?!  it really is…at least to my way of thinking.  gosh, i’ve been crafting pretty much all my life & i’d say in the last 10, maybe 15 years, i have noticed a definite upswing in the arty-crafting world.

as you can guess, i have given a lot of thought about starting this new blog.  what really got me in gear is when i received my latest issue of cloth, paper & scisoors the other day.  oh the wheels, they were a-turning, lol…  hm2.jpg  it was an article by charlotte lyons that really got the ball rolling for mehm3.jpg  her article just spoke volumes, you know?  it was just the right catalyst i needed…so i spent yesterday creating the handmade monday blog & i even was so inspired to make thishm1.jpg from leftover scraps of papers, fabric, trims & even a rubber-stamped mishap! that i had laying around the studio.

i hope that you will join me in the HANDMADE REVOLUTION &  spread the word about this new blog.  i really want this blog to be a collaborative effort & a collective resource for all of YOU…as there is so much inspiration & creativity out there in bloggyland. 

so, to handmade arts…let’s celebrate & inspire! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Wonderful idea ! I love it!
    Please add me to your blog roll. You can use Melba McMullin ~ Melba McMullin.com
    Also can you send me your badge code so I can put it on my blogs?
    Maggie is Constantly asking to see pictures of you and stuff you make. I know Deleta will love her tea cup.

    Thank you Mary Ann for being such a sweetie and Good friend!

  2. *gasp* I can’t believe you made that ALL out of leftover items! You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just got my first issue of Cloth Paper Scissors on my trip home from the Bazaar… I absolutely *heart* that zine!!!!! SO MUCH in there!!!!! I may even subscribe!

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