wips, quips & friday’s finds

have you ever felt like you are being pulled in a million & one different directions & you don’t know whether you are coming or going?  that pretty much sums up my week. 

 there’s a bit of drama going on with one of my school clients & it’s been kinda draining me.  so much so that on the days i come home from the school, i have very little energy to do much, other than eat dinner & go to bed.   one of my non-verbal, autistic kiddoes  has in the past couple of weeks  been exhibiting highly aggressive behaviors & agitation levels, more frequently acting out than usual.  just the other day, for some unknown reason he sucker punched me a couple of times during one of our sessions.  oh, i can’t even begin to tell you the number of times throughtout my career as a speech therapist where  i’ve been hit, kicked, pinched, pushed, pulled, verbally abused & even spat on by clients/patients (many of whom were either pyschotic or demented)…but this time,  i never had been  punched in the face before. totally unexpected & uncalled for.   it caught me off guard, needless to say & completely unnerved me.  prior to this incident, this student had been very compliant & cooperative to therapy.  the radical changes in the student’s behavior has put everyone involved in his care on edge, including yours truly.  it’s been rough folks & the last thing i want to do when i get home is do anything that requires any sort of mental ability.    

usually, i’ll turn to yoga to help me de-stress…but i’m finding that that is not always enough.  ordinarily it would be… this may sound crazy, but RETAIL therapy seems to give me  the distraction that i need to  forget all the drama that’s been going on at school.   seriously.   not long after the punching incident, i went to  a couple of my fav antique malls & let myself get lost in all the wonderful treasures there.  it was a nice, relaxing way to unwind & escape my troubles.  oh i don’t mean to say that i shopped till i dropped…no, not that (tho i have been known to do that on occasion)…it was more like just taking a leisurely stroll around the antique mall & seeing what’s to be seen.  if i came across something that caught my fancy & didn’t hurt the ol’ pocketbook, well, then i did make some small purchases.  for me, it really helped me relax  to while away a few hours.  doing that literally took my mind off from my troubles.  do you ever find yourself doing that…go to shops, but not necessarily to shop, only to browse/unwind?  well, that  seemed to work for me.

on my “therapeutic” jaunt, i came across these lovely items for friday’s finds this week>>>ff1.jpg ol’ cabinet photo cards & some vintage cards & posties…will come in handy in future altered art projects.

ff2.jpg  aren’t these ol’ nut cups sweet (i think  1950s or 60s)…i really liked the cute little flowers & umbrellas on them…hmm, something for a spring themed project, i’m thinkin’?

ff4.jpg  i seemed to be drawn to pink, green & turquoise buttons as well as discarded but sparkly costume jewelry lately.  the sweet butterfly pin was actually something i bought from my dear pal jes‘  mom, nancy at the creative bazaar a couple of weeks ago.

ff5.jpg  i found these darlin’ plastic buckles…they were simply too cute to pass up…i just know i will do something with those:)  i also found this pretty rose ring.  my first thought was it a pin.   then i realized it was a ring.  how lucky  i found that it fit my finger!  i also spotted these pretty egg cup & toothpick (?) holder…i’m thinking i will do something really lovely to them.

yes, retail therapy did wonders to brighten my tired spirit. 

& little by little, i chipped away at some of my arty/swap wips.  i finally finished making my christmas stockings for this swap.  it took me awhile as they are all hand stitched (bec. the sewing machine & i…well, let’s just say that we don’t exactly mix, hehehe)…but i am happy with how they turned out.  i hope both my partners will like them.  as my sis looney would say, they were a “labour of love”.  vcss7.jpg  i won’t bore you with other pix  that i took of these stockings…you get the general idea, tho.

i’ve been meaning to send a little tlc/thank you package out to my soul sista, melanie‘s mil…she was an absolute DEAR & most generous & hospitable hostess when i, along with others, stayed at her awesome home on the cape. i made a little  somethin-somethin just for her4dm1.jpg


i’m also making her  a teacup ballerina fairy…it is an on-going wip, but i hope to finish it soon, so i can ship it to her by tomorrow’s mail.  before i left the cape, melanie’s wicked sweet mil gave me a bunch of teacups & saucers  all out of the kindness & goodness of her heart.  she thought i could find some use for them…awwww, isn’t she just a sweetheart?!  i told her that i would make her one of those teacup fairies that i am so fond of making & she told me to choose one of her tea cups & then send it back to her.

4dm4.jpg  this is the tea cup & saucer that i chose for her.  it’s not done yet…but i do like how the tea cup compliments the ballerina just nicely.  so deleta, if you are reading this…this sweet lovely will be making it’s way back to you very, very soon!!

welp, it’s back to the sweatshop for me…thanks for stopping by & bearing with me with the first couple of paragraphs…

have a great weekend 🙂


2 Responses

  1. How sad that your work puts you in harms way, that would be a shock for you and great that you found a remedy that brings joy to your heart again. Recycling retail sure gives lots of opportunities to distract you by dreaming up lots of new ways to add whimsy to your life.

    Thanks for hosting the vintage stocking swap. despite the number of WIPs and UFOs on my to do list I was instanty drawn to the theme and had the best fun filling someone else’s wish list.

  2. Wow – sorry your work has been so difficult! Your job requires a special person (YOU!) to do it, as it requires so much patience. Sounds as if you have been stretched to the limit!

    I’m glad you found a way to relax! Retail therapy often works for me. I don’t always have to buy, but just looking helps! Sounds like it did for you too! And you found treasures!

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