“fodder for the blog”

was a frequent refrain during the fab creative bazaar that i just returned from recently.  my li’l table was situated so close to many of my blog pals…it seemed we all kept clicking away at one another there, lol…& we shopped and/or swapped with one another, too…it was too funny… fybinchie.jpg i made button inchies for the freebie goodie bags that melanie had put together.  i also made  button inchies with ” creative bazaar” on them also to put in the goody bags…i wish i could’ve taken one…there were some really cool freebies in there!   kari & i, along with melanie’s family, helped stuffed those bags. cb15.jpg my table was directly across from dear melanie’s…it was nice to see her smiling face across from me 🙂  it was an incredibly sunny day the day of the bazaar, after nearly a week of rain.  when i arrived last thursday, it was overcast & rainy.  so glad that it turned out to be a splendid fall day for the bazaar. cb8.jpg my here’s my li’l table…the stuff in front is a garland i made that reads “follow your bliss”, but of course 🙂cb9.jpg i can’t remember what kind soul took this snap of me…but here i am.  it was a bit chilly in the room, so i kept my jacket on for much of the bazaar.  i was (am) still getting over my wicked cold that i tended to feel chilled anyway… cb2.jpg  my table was next to jana‘s & she was trying to teach me how to crochet these sweet little hearts…but i kept snagging on the delicate yarn, lol.cb17.jpg jana & all her “ghetto” fabulousness, as she would say, hehehe…can you believe this girlie drove all the way from indiana all by herself?  scared of her! cb6.jpg  isn’t my dear pal jes a cutie?  she was setting up her table when i told her to pose with her manequin that she had collaged…her mom, nancy, was a cutie as well…i can’t wait to see them again soon…i just know that we would get into all sorts of mischief! cb23.jpg cb21.jpg  karen of simply june had a bunch of gorgeous lovelies at her table…i coveted her awesome pocketbooks (sigh)…but i ended coming away with a pair of pink & turquoise floral hair pins…cb7.jpg  kari looks so lovely with her wonderful stuff…her table was next to melanie’s..  it was so cool how melanie put all of us near one another 🙂cb14.jpg  melissa of yummy goods dropped by & was so delightful.  kari came over & we all chatted away, mostly about how blogging can & does bring like-minded creative souls together.   cb10.jpg  here is darlene of ursala & olive…she & i had the most interesting conversation about flickr moo cards & how swapping them is all the rage these days…she also is mad for buttons as i am & i really found her 1.5 inch buttons wicked cute….i just may go out an invest in that sized machine, ha! cb5.jpg i recently connected with jess, who literally came to my “rescue” with a small  dilemma i had recently on my swap.  it was her birthday the day of the bazaar & what a fun way to spend a birthday…she & her hubby drove 3 hours to come support the creative bazaar.  she & i hit off famously 🙂 cb3.jpgthe kaleidosoul gals, anne marie & elaine were lovely to meet…they offered a ton of helpful advice & tips.  they were very much appreciated! cb4.jpg  after the bazaar, some of us went out for dinner.  it was then where i really got to meet the lovely & delightful sisters, jaime & shannon :)…we had lots of laughs & conversations.  if i am ever in toronto, i will definitely look these gals up!cb16.jpg  i accompanied jana, who wanted to get some ocean pix before she headed back on the road home…it felt good to take in all that wonderful salt air…something i definitely miss living in land-locked cheeseland.cb24.jpg  then on monday, melanie & her li’l maggie & i had a “girls’ lunch” in hyannis.  maggie looked so wicked cute feeding the ducks & other water fowl that zoomed over our way on the dock.  cb25.jpg  i had a  wicked great time & i am so glad that i made the trip.  & i hate to admit this, but i think i shopped more than i sold!  oh well, it was wicked fun nevertheless to meet & hang out with everyone 🙂  & i even told melanie‘s sil that if didn’t make a dime at the bazaar, it would still be okay because really i wanted to be there to support melanie…my time with her & her sweetheart of a family just reaffirmed to me that she & i will be soul sistas to the end! 


7 Responses

  1. Great post! It was so awesome to meet you at The Creative Bizarre! I love all your pictures. I didn’t realize you did the creative bizarre buttons – they are so cute! yay for buttons!

    p.s. We will so have to movies!

  2. Ohhh wonderful post! All the pictures are soo great! *HUGS*

  3. Mary Ann you absolutely rock!!! I loved sitting beside you and we SO need to meet up in Chicago! Maybe make Creative Bazaar scrapbooks?

    Hey, I learned how to make the hearts using crochet thread instead of fluffy yarn… SO MUCH EASIER!!!

    I can’t believe i didn’t ask you how you made the cupcakes!!!! those are so cool!

  4. Mary Ann,
    I was so glad to meet you, and your lovely creations are gracing my bakers rack in my kitchen. In fact as I stare at that beautiful dress card I thought if you framed that it would be a wonderful treasure. It is too grand to be just a card. My tussie mussie looks so lovely, I just love your things. So nice to see your photos. I think my friend Suze of flickr Suzeviews knows you also. So many of my friends in blogland said they so wish that they could meet flickr and blogger friends. Well, have a lovely week. Karen

  5. What an amazing post and time you had! I am envious. I’m so glad you all had such a great time and shared all of your amazing talents!

  6. Loved your post…looks like everyone had a fantastic time…I have been blog hopping all over to check out all the peeps that went…Perhaps one day I will be one of those peeps that get to go to such an awesome event!
    Thanks for sharing it all!

  7. Sounds like SOOO much fun! I’m sorry to have missed it. I’ll have to plan on next year.

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