what a week!

it seems like i’ve been away for EONS!  i spent the better part of yesterday traveling & i finally got home earlier this afternoon…can i say, whew?!  as soon as i got home, i started a hot bath & soaked in it for a very long time. then i took a rather long nap.  i was that exhausted. 

i just uploaded a TON of pix of my FAB trip out east onto my computer…but i’m still feeling a bit tired & jetlagged…i promise, tho, i will post my pix soon.  i just wanted to surface & let you know that i’m back 🙂 .

it was wicked awesome to meet my soul sister, melanie (aka melba) & her sweet family.  she & her family were such gracious & hospitable hosts…it was sad to leave them behind…but i know that i will be back to visit them  again soon!  melanie posted some wonderful pix of our weekend over at her blog…go check it out 🙂  

it was fantastic to meet up with another dear friend, jes & her mom…i wish we had longer to visit!  but, i know that i will be seeing her real soon…pls. click on her name highlighted above to check out some of her pix of the weekend…

i also met & got to know kari, better known as artsy mama, this weekend as well.  she is another lovely kindred soul (& from the midwest, no less) & her works are, can i say,  FABULOUS in person?!  we had such a fun time bonding…us midwest girls had to stick together, ya know…hehehe…

at the creative bazaar, i also met other fab indie artists as well as other bloggers (like these delightful & lovely sisters, jamie & shannon, & also another midwest gal, jana) and/or fans of blogging.  check out these blog posts to see what others thought about the show: karen & melissa.   it certainly was a trip filled with fun, laughter, shopping & connecting! 

i promise to post my pix soon…i’m getting tired again now & it is back to work (waaaah!) tomorrow.  so stayed tuned…pix to follow.  just click on the above links to tide you over 🙂


6 Responses

  1. SO GLAD you made it home OK…you HAD to have been a tired girl!!

    It WAS great to see you again Dear Mary Ann!!! Sorry I didn’t go to eat, I just didn’t have the energy, Mom and I were in bed with a movie by 8:00!!! And I have to tell you, my back was KILLING me….I think it was from all of the driving (Mom wont drive south of Auburn!!)….I just hope it’s not my new car!

    ANYHOO…we will see eachother again *wink*

    chat soon!

    xoxox ~Jes

  2. I’m glad you are home and well and happy (if a bit exhausted!!!) I had so much fun meeting you this weekend and can’t wait for us to meet up again in Chicago!!!!!!!!

    *big hug*

  3. Miss you !!!

  4. i’m loving seeing all the pics!
    Again, it was a pure pleasure to meet you!

  5. Wow Mary Ann, by all accounts you had a great time on the Cape. (I lived there for many years) Thank you for sharing all the links to the wildly creative folks that you met while you were there.

  6. Just wanted to let you know, I finally got pics up of the goodies I got from you!

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