crazy s*#t hitting the fan…

that’s what i kept hearing on the radio this morning  as i was crafting away in the studio.  after a few hours, i took a break so i could check  my emails.  i got a few emails that really made a believer out of me>>> mercury IS in retrograde!

with getting a blasted cold, losing my voice  &  disabling my right hand all in the span of a week last week… what more MADNESS was going to ensue?

from now until nov. 1st, expect all kinds of  crazy s*#t to hit the fan…

case in point: 

1st, i screwed up on shipping the wrong item to one of the recent wysiwyg wednesday winners! then i had to send emails to the parties involved & explain my unintentional mix-up wtih shipping.  ai-yai-yai!! 

 then, i get an email from another person who brought to my attention that i had erroneously matched her up with an overseas partner when she specifically requested a domestic partner for the stocking swap i’m hosting.  what a blow to the  ego, thinking that i had done a decent job matching 55+ people in the swap a couple of weeks ago…& then come to find i screwed up (totally unintentionally, mind you) with this gal’s partner.  spent a good couple of hours or so doing damage control for the above. time i really could of used finishing up wips & packing for my upcoming trip…

i don’t usually take too much stock on such things as a rule, but how else could i explain the crazy s*#t that has been happening (as well as what i heard happening on the radio)?

they say that travel, communication & social interactions, especially with loved ones,  are all going to be cattywampus during this retrograde period.  that is what they say (they referring to astrologers).  mail is going to be lost, loved ones will fight & misunderstandings will  run amok  until mercury will finally  snap out of retrodrade & be realigned, if you believe such things, that is…

i am getting ready for the creative bazaar, which will take place this weekend at cape cod & i will be traveling starting wednesday (will visit with family in chi-town first before i head out east ).  i am excited as i will be seeing/meeting so many creative bloggers (like my blog sistas, melba & jes) & other indie artists….but now, uh…. esp. after this morning’s damage control & the crud i heard on the radio, i  cannot help but feel just a tad bit apprehensive about traveling right now.  i will be gone until monday of next week… things, like traveling, tend to go awry during this retrograde period.  wouldn’t you know it would be just my flippin’ luck?!  PMA & arriving wicked early to the airport on thursday are what i’m shooting for, ok?

{sigh}  makes me just want to crawl back into bed  & pretend that i never heard all that retrograde  bull business….weary-me.jpg

as one little 10 yr. old girl likes to say on the show, kid nation….DEAL WITH IT!

forget about perfection for the rest of this month folks. stuff WILL go awry… & you can practically bet the farm on that.  forewarned is fore-armed, right? 

see ya in about a week & yes, pleassssssssse definitely take care!   xoxo

3 Responses

  1. You are going to ROCK the craft show and I can’t wait to hear all about the fun you will have!!!

  2. I’m sorry you’ve been having such a bad week!

    Here’s to things looking up next week and lots of sales. 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better too.

  3. hi! I am happy that we had a chance to connect yesterday! You are just such a sweetheart! thank you for my goodies. I’ll let you know when I post photos!

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