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is october’s theme over at spc.  speaking of october, it is also breast cancer awareness month.  wow2.jpg

 when my mom was here visiting last week, we saw this delightful display at my local target


i think my dh would not be as  keen on pink kitchen gadgetry as i would be 🙂 but i might be tempted to get this


or this 


it’s all in the name of a good cause, right?

anyway, i digress…

since it is usually just the two of us at home, i try to make our meals whenver at all possible.   lately, tho, it’s been kinda hectic & sometimes i or the hubby will pick up something from some local dive eatery.   my dh has been working some long hours these past several weeks, so i  don’t always see him at breakfast or lunch times…except on the weekends or occasional rain-out days.   for instance, last night, i made spaghetti for dinner.  i waited as long as i could for hubby to get home, but i was so flippin’ hungry, that i couldn’t wait any longer.    i sat in front of the tv, watching dancing with the stars…  i don’t like to gorge in front of the tv & we do have a dining room table…it’s just that it’s kinda not practical to eat alone at the table…the tv is like my “dinner companion”, as it were…anyway, about  15 minutes into the show, joe comes home & he tells me that the spaghetti smells so good.  i tell him, eat while it’s hot!  spc4.jpg so he gets a plate from the cupboard & piles on the spaghetti.  he tells me, i didn’t eat anything since breakfast.  i look at him in disbelief and said, but what about the ham sandwich i made for your lunch?  oh, that?  i ate it on break at 9 o’clock.  at this point, it’s already 7:30 pm.  i told my hubby that i will have to make him a couple of sandwiches to take to work, not just one!  & he’s the one always telling me to carry snacks around with me just in case…yeh, looks like he needs to follow his own suggestion, lol… 

my dh does not take the time to eat a proper breakfast (except sometimes on the weekends).  for him, a couple of cups of black coffee are enough for him & then he is out the door.  come to find that he gets so ravenous by midday, that he resorts to eating his lunch!  i tell you, my dh is something else…

as for me, well, i do try to take time for breakfast, even when i’m running late.  i am always eating it seems…i carry lots of snacks, like nuts, granola bars, fruit, crackers, even small cups of yogurt in my lunch bag & also in the car.  i also like to carry extra bottles of water with me just in case.  i usually like to eat cereal, hot or cold for breakfast.  but today, i decided to make myself a nice cuppa tea to go with the itty bitty lemon scones i had bought the day before.spc1.jpg…it’s a non-school day today (yay),  so i can afford to linger at the breakfast counter & indulge in those wicked tasty scones…they are so delectable that i can’t stop eating these things!  spc2.jpggasp!  i just realized i could very well eat the entire container of these bite-size morsels… there’s about a half a dozen left!  oh boy, they’ve got to be put away, hehehe…

i don’t mind eating by myself…but it sure is nice to have someone to eat with too…the hubby will be working late again today.  thinking right now what to make for dinner…maybe a chicken dish?  well, as i ponder that, i’ve got to get ready for the day…i’ve got a yoga class to go to this morning.  & i’ll likely eat dinner leftovers for lunch later on.  my goodness, my day sure does revolve around food, lol!


7 Responses

  1. I’m with you. I like to eat with people instead of alone. Somehow food seems to taste even better when you share it with others.

  2. Wonderful post! I like to eat with others although it seems that I sometimes have a hard time finding someone to eat with. LOLOLOLOL Anyway, great post! *HUGS*

  3. We got married last October and I was so happy – I registered for everything pink for our kitchen!! just for the record, my husband was not happy at all.. but the choices were awesome!!

  4. OK…NOW that you’ve got me literally drooling over here…(I”M STARVING at the moment) I really just quickly stopped by to say ONLY 10 more days!!! WOOT!


  5. I know what you mean about eating alone at the table – it just feels so lonely.

    I haven’t seen the Target pink display – I don’t think my kitchen can handle another color clash with all the mismatch already in there!

    I’m new on SPC – Nice to meet you.

  6. I haven’t seen all the great pink stuff at Target. I’m going to go tomorrow and look for it! Some of that stuff is cool! 🙂

    (I love Target!)

  7. I’m loving all the pink…
    And it is for a wonderfulful cause!

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