swap update: THE LIST

 it was a CHALLENGE, but i got r done!  the partner list for my swap, that is…  here’s what i posted in flickr:

 hi gang!this took me longer than expected, but i think i got it all sorted out. there are 3 pending members who i have not head from yet, so they are not included in the partner list below. also, there are few on the list who do not have a flickr acct. i will contact these individuals via flickr or email mail to let them know about their respective partners.i tried to accomodate your partner prefs as best as possible…as soon as you see who you’ve been partnered with, pls. touch base with your partner & get yourselves acquainted with each other.

pls. note that your “send-to” partner is different from your “receiving from” partner…

1) the pink barn will send to tempoandato

2) tempoandato will send to pam j.

3) pam j. will send to raesha

4) raesha will send to bridie murphy

5) bridie murphy will send to gently tiptoe

6) gently tiptoe will send to the junk drawer

7) the junk drawer will send to beth’s bagz

8) beth’s bagz will send to all the stuff i like

9) all the stuff i like will send to rosey posey confections

10) rosey posey confections will send to she’s sew pretty

11) she’s sew pretty will send to berry lane

12) berry lane will send to mandybcollins

13) mandybcollins will send to windy angels

14) windy angels will send to be susans aka sueskitchen.typepad.com (wendy you can try contacting susan via her blog…let me know if that doesn’t work, ok?)

15) besusans will send to lollyb65 aka lollysnestegg.blogspot.com ( i will email them both)

16) lollyb65 will send to sweet shabby roses (i will email lolly)

17) sweet shabby roses will send to treasured heirlooms

18) treasured heirlooms will send to calico daisy

19) calico daisy will send to debbie h. ( i will email you michele/calico daisy)

20) debbie h. will send to ties that bind ( i will email debbie)

21) ties that bind will send to anastasiaC@percival road

22) anastasiaC@percival road will send to pretty girl collage

23) pretty girl collage will send to a sweet remembrance

24) a sweet remembrance will send to rock point patterns

25) rock point patterns will send to barney’s blue

26) barney’s blue will send to debra s. aka hophopjingleboo.blogspot.com (carolyn pls. try contacting debra via her blog…if that doesn’t work, just holler)

27) debra s. will send to benzy 55 ( i will email debra)

28) benzy 55 will send to blue muf

29) blue muf will send to pretty petals

30) pretty petals will send to enjoyland

31) enjoyland will send to kaizuliina

32) kaizuliina will send to rini boer

33) rini boer will send to jo creates

34) jo creates will send to georgia peachez

35) georgia peachez will send to art creations

36) art creations will send to imonbr8k

37) imonbr8k will send to small treasures

38) small treasures will send to beelicious

39) beelicious will send to primbinda

40) primbinda will send to robin bird’s nest

41) robin bird’s nest will send to tessophia

42) tessophia will send to catie ann aka catieanscorner.blogspot.com (jane try contacting catie ann via her blog…if that doesn’t work, just let me know)

43) catie ann will send to from my cherry heart (i will email catie ann)

44) from my cherry heart will send to reflections of a stone nest

45) reflections of a stone nest will send to clutterbug studio

46) clutterbug studio will send to miss priss 4595

47) miss priss 4595 will send to symple tymes

48) symple tymes will send to breit lady

49) breit lady will send to hazelruthe

50) hazelruthe will send to racheal c. aka theroseroomnz.blogspot.com/ (cathy, try contacting rachael via her blog…if that doesn’t work, let me know)

51) racheal c. will send to leesiebella (i will email rachael)

52) leesiebella will send to holiday jenny

53) holiday jenny will send to mainer at heart 06

54) mainer at heart 06 will send to twinkle pink

55) twinkle pink will send to jbdguiseppe

56) jbdguiseppe will send to boxwood cottage

57)) boxwood cottage will send to natasha burns

58) natasha burns will send to the pink barn

WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pls. let me know if i got everyone (other than the 3 pending members)…let the swapping FUN begin!!!!

i will be back in a few…i have more to share with y’all…i have to get supper ready for the dh…& then there’s the season premiere of ghost whisperer!

oh yes, i nearly forgot…could the gals, cheryl & she, email me at follow_your_bliss07@hotmail.com.  they were 2 of the 5 winners for this month’s wysiwyg wednesday winners…i need their snail mail addies in order for me to ship out their cool freebies!  thanks  bunches…as soon as i hear from them, i will mail all the 5 lucky ladies their ww freebies 🙂


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