it’s baaaaaaaaaaack! wysiwyg wednesday!

i should be in bed by now.  it’s a school night (that is, i work with my school clients tomorrow). but i feel the need to post. i am bursting with “stuff” to share.  not bad stuff, but good stuff.  my yoga instructor restarted her yoga sessions this fall after being off the whole summer.   & today was our first session of the season.  over the summer, i’ve tried to do even at least 5 minutes of yoga (or as my dh calls it, yogurt) a day.  but somehow my yoga practice is not quite the same as a “live” class.  it felt wicked good to go to yoga class & be around other yoginis (did i spell that right?).  also,  my mom was in town visiting us the past couple of days & we had a fun time catching up & hanging out.  after my yoga class, i treated my mom to a day filled with good eats, shopping & conversation.  my mom is such a nut, & i mean that in a positively good way.  she may be in her mid-60’s but she is still definitely a big kid at heart!      mom1.jpg my sibs know what i am talking about…& i think some of us take after her, for sure (yours truly included).  i took this snap for my sis looney.  mom wanted her to see the ginormous nachos platter we had ordered…this is supposedly an appetizer (for whom, a small army?  the green giant??).    mom2.jpgi know, i know…not the most heart healthy dish…but i have such a weakness for nachos. & i was hungry after yoga….we weren’t too bad, we also  had soup & salad as well.   besides,  we could not finish the platter of nachos  between the two of us.  hanging out with my mom today made me realize where i get my thrill for seeking out bargains & also thrifty shopping from.   MY MOM!  it was funny (& a bit scary) to see my mom in full shopping action…OMG, is that how i am?!!!!!!!!!!    LOL!  i AM turning into my mom…i dunno whether to  groan, laugh or cry?! or all of the above?…

now how does this all relate  with the title  of this post?  welp, because i apparently have inherited the shopping- for- bargains’ gene from dear ol’ mum, my poor studio has started to look like a complete shambles again.  or better yet, a virtual overstocked stockroom at your local craft store.  seriously.  i’m not kidding.  so like my yoga instructor who took the summer off, so did my freebie giveaways which i dub wysiwyg wednesday.  i have decided to resurrect this giveaway but with a change.  before, i used to do this giveaway every other wednesday (or simply, two wednesdays a month)…but this time around, i want to just host a monthly giveaway on the last wednesdays of each month. i’m all for spreading the good karma & creative wealth around…but i think the universe won’t mind if i do that on a monthy rather than a bi-monthly basis.  to refresh your memories  or inform you how wysiwyg wednesdays work, go here.  just keep in mind that i’m doing the giveaways just ONCE a month (i.e., the last wednesday of each month) starting today (it’s practically wednesday according to the clock on the lower right hand corner of my ‘puter).

without further ado here are the freebies i’m giving away this month ~~~  tada!!  ~~~

item #1 up for grabs>>>ww6.jpg this wicked cute cupcake book.  i go absolutely ga-ga over such things…but in one of my bargain-hunting/buying frenzies, this is actually a duplicate book!  i hadn’t realized i already OWNED this book until i  was doing my attempts to declutter my studio a couple of weeks ago.  geeze, i hate when i do that!  see, i can’t even remember what in the heck i buy…anywhoo. you cupcake freaks fans out there…i know there is someone coveting this!

item # 2 >>>ww7.jpg  nothing wrong with these.  just ready to start parting with my under utilized stamps.  i’ve only used the “manny” (aka mannequin) stamp but a couple of times…the other two have not been used at all…my dh accuses me on a regular basis that i must hold the world’s record in the largest stamp collection…but i emphatically & absolutely refute that.  i tell him time & time again  that there are others (oh yes, others) who make my stamp collection look like mere  child’s play when compared with their massive stash of rubber (stamps that is!)…it’s an on-going battle… he refuses to believe me…oh well, i digress.   these are free & clear for the taking…just have to let me know & say so.

item #3  ww1.jpg a set of mags:  craft n’ things, rubber stamper, rubber stamp madness & an old martha stewart halloween one…pretty much collecting dust in my studio.  surely, someone might want to peruse these with what the cold weather coming on…something nice to curl up to as you sit by a roaring fire on a cool autumn eve…perhaps you may know someone who would enjoy free crafty mags….c’mon, the price is right, right?

item #4>>>ww2.jpg 2 stampers’ sampler & 1 quilting arts…tons of wicked cool & inspiring ideas…i hate to give up these mags, as they are some of my fav reads…but call it tough love (to myself)…i’ve gotta stay focused  & clean house!

& finally, item #5>>>  ww4.jpg i’m not exactly sure why i have this?  it must have been on super clearance or some such thing for me to snatch it up.   thanks to my mom, i’m such a sucker for bargains… anyhoo, it’s a book of quotes & comes with a never been opened  or used cd.   i hardly do anymore scrapping…haven’t  in a very long time. let’s put it this way, i have not even finished scrapping my wedding scrapbook  & it’s been 5 years!

this is open to anyone interested to anything(s) shown here.  just drop me a comment & i will take names until the end of wednesday, 9/26/07.  that would be midnite, central standard u.s. time folks.   so please, don’t be shy.  this is FOR REAL.  it’s most definitely a 2-way street here…you help me declutter my studio & then you score some free stuff.  now how wicked cool is that?  & it would be, what’s the word i’m looking for? ah yes,  auspicious to want to spread the good karma around, now wouldn’t it? 

eek!  it’s wayyyyyyyyy passed my bed time…i’ve gotta hit the sack.  let me know if you see anything you like here.  good nite for now! xo

p.s., shine on! 🙂


8 Responses

  1. I’d love #1 please!
    You are so sweet to start doing this again!

  2. This is wonderful—-I so love give-a-ways….I love #1 and #2 but they all seem awesome!!!!
    Thanks for having this!

  3. i wanna the Nacho’s ummmmmmm I love giant nacho’s a real weakness of mine.
    Woohoo to your mom being so super cool.
    oh yippeee your back with giveaways, i love freebies, I am cheap I know, I honestly would like any gift they are all super cool.
    take care mary-ann good luck with yoga

  4. Hi Mary Ann. Thanks for posting the pics of your cute mom. Glad you had fun. Would you put me in the hat for Item # 2-rubber stamps. Thanks for sharing! Love, Michel

  5. Hello! I’m interested in #5 or #2!

  6. Hi! You can put my name in the hat. I’ll take any of them…they look like fun.

    Thanks for your generosity

  7. Those nachos are making me SO hungry!! I’m a nacho freak too…please add an extra side of guacamole to mine:)

  8. Love this picture of your Mom!
    We had chili and some hearty chips last night that were so yummy. I got the recipe and all the ingredients from Trader Joe’s. I think I will make it for you when you are here!. Less than two weeks away!!!

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