show & tell

had a bit of a wicked headache earlier today, but after some much needed rest, i’m feeling better now.  yesterday, i received some happy mail from a couple of swap partners.  it’s always nice to get some swap love! this was from kara.  she was my partner in CaC’s favorite things swap. & boy, did she spoil me with some of her favorite things:) .  she made a card & wrote in pink ink a list of her fave things.  i enjoyed reading her note & very much appreciated all the thought & effort she put forth in making this sweet package for me. she wrote that one of her fav songs is called “brown paper packages, tied up with strings” & she even made up these sweet parcels reflecting that song…    she made this oh so cute necklace for me, which looks so fab!!  then she made this charming bookmarker…love it!  i just love this li’l sweet bag of beads!  kara makes jewelry, among other things & how generous of her to part with some of her beads…& they are pink, how divine! & finally, she sent me some cupcake art…she loves both food & art :).  thank you kara for your kind generosity, effort & for sharing some of your favorite things, i love everything!   

my other swap prezzie came from my vintage banner swap partner, andrea of deutschland.   is this not cute or what?!  danke schon andrea…ich liebe das!

* * *  SWAP update * * *

since we’re on the subject of swaps, i’ve decided to move up the sign-up date for a vintage christmas stocking swap.  this monday, 9/24/07 will be the LAST day to sign up (instead of the previous date, 10/07/07).  i think bewteen the flickr group & the blog, i have some 50+ swap participants.  & that’s a pretty healthy group, wouldn’t you say?   i know that many of the swapees are anxious to get started (as i am too) & looks like i’ve got my work cut out for me when i begin the daunting task of matching up folks!  i am so excited too that so many wanted to join in on the fun.  we’ve got a fantastic bunch & i am looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations!


3 Responses

  1. Oh yay!! Yours is the first post I’ve seen about the favorite things swap – what a fabulous package!!!! Whoo hoo!

  2. THANK YOU, you silly, silly girl! I LOVED your first package.

    Then today I went down to get the mail. I saw “Follow Your Bliss” on the outside of the envelope and I thought….hmmm.. what is this? Was I shopping in my sleep, where is this from? Oh wait, no. That is Mary Ann…why is she sending me something? I already rec’d a pkg from her, did she forget she sent it to me? Oh no, did I forget something that I was supposed to send to her? (see, my brain rambles on & on & on)

    So I sat down, opened it up and was shocked to see a very sweet and nice, but completely unnecessary swap pacakge number TWO!Thank you for your generosity (and I SO love the bluebird!!! absolutely my fave part). Tanaya

  3. You are always coming up with the most interesting swap ideas. Bravo! I love it. I am certain this will be a great success.

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