my sister’s birthday

 i found this ancient pix of me & 2 of my sisters waaaay back in the day (i think i must have been 5?).    today is my sister bobbie’s birthday (she is the baby our mom is holding; i’m on the left & looney is on the right).  i don’t mention her very much on the blog mostly because we have a  sort of strained relationship at present.  it’s a long, complicated story that i really don’t want to get into… but it saddens me greatly that i don’t have a great relationship with her & that we aren’t close  like we used to be & are with our other sisters.  it didn’t always used to be that way.  we were tight once & i  have many fond memories of those days.  things are different between us now  & i’m afraid that from this point on, things won’t ever be the same as before.  & that pains me. 

BUT i won’t dwell… i just wanted to acknowledge  her birthday & wish her  a  happy day>>>happy birthday bobbie.  i wish that things could be better between us.   


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  1. happy birthday to your sister, I totally understand your dilema maryann, half of my family are now etsranged and I am very often stuck in the middle, my family have been split in to 4

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