friday’s finds, part two

this morning, i spent pretty much all day at a workshop covering this topic.  i met my pal & colleague, allison, there.  she’s the friend i’ve mentioned who’s just had a baby over the summer?  anyway, i was a few minutes late, but the speaker was being introduced, so i didn’t miss much.  i couldn’t find allison in the crowd right away (though she spotted me after the 1st break), so i  sat in the back of the auditorium  & then basically prepared to be bored to tears with yet another dry, monotous lecture.  wasn’t i  pleasantly surprised that the workshop wasn’t so bad after all?   the presenter, a researcher/therapist from the mayo clinic, was actually quite engaging & personable.  although it was a 7 hour workshop, she did a good job holding our attention with some pretty interesting videotaped case studies.  i have worked with folks with this disorder, both young & old…it is a very challenging disorder to treat.  i have a couple of students with that diagnosis at the school & it was nice to have a fresh perspective on the subject.   after the workshop, i visited with allison, her baby & allison’s mom for a few hours.  by then it was getting late, so i scooted on home.  on the way, i called the dh, who asked if i wouldn’t mind picking up some take-out for our dinner.  i finally got home, had dinner with the dh, got in some computer time in &  was ready to go to bed…then i remembered that i still had to upload the rest of my friday’s finds pix.  so here they are>>>  these are ultra feminine stamps that caught my eye.  they didn’t have any prices on them when i picked them up.  i was debating whether or not to ask how much…when this lady came up behind me & told me that they were 50 cents each.  i’m such a sucker for bargains AND girly rubber stamps, i told her, SOLD!  at this point i was feeling quite pleased with myself for having listened to my gut & ventured into this place.  i’ve never really been to one that had more “junk” than antiques, like the HUGE one coming up in a couple of weeks in a town east of where i live.  that flea market has a WICKED ton of (& not to mention, much pricier)  antiques & not as much junk. anyhoo,  as i made my way around the various booths, i came across this dealer who had a few boxes of vintage cards (c.1950s).   there were 5 boxed sets, but i was drawn to these >>>  the box that these cards came in was slightly dilapidated.  but inside, i discovered that these cards were still intact…all 21 one of them with their matching envelopes/  i have mentioned many times before my obsession with paper?  at first i wasn’t going to get this set, especially after the lady told me that it cost 10 bucks.  but, as i walked around the various stalls & booths, i kept thinking about how wicked cute those cards were & also what pristine shape they were in too… yeh, i went back.  i figured if they were still there, then it was meant; if they weren’t, c’est la vie, ya’ know?

my eyelids are getting very droopy at the moment…i think it’s about time i rest my weary self to bed.  i received some wonderful mail prezzies earlier today.  but alas, those will have to wait until tomorrow.  so it’s off to bed for me.  bonne nuit! xo mary ann


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