friday’s finds

ffjet.jpgwhen i was on my way home from chicago last weekend, i spotted a sign that read FLEA MARKET & instinct told me to turn off the interstate & go!  the flea market  was held right by the airport…every couple of minutes or so, you heard  & saw the roar of a jet flying overhead as it came in for its landing.  it was a shock at first to hear/see the planes coming in one by one. the noise was deafening & the planes flew low, literally over our heads… but after awhile, i didn’t even notice the din of the jets… anyway, i’m glad i stopped because i found some wicked neat stuff for a song…these are what i share for this week’s friday’s finds>>>ff1.jpg

ff2.jpg sweet tea cups that were only 75 cents each!  i couldn’t hardly contain myself when the lady told me how much each were.  at that price, i couldn’t very well pass them up!ff3.jpg this other gal had a ton of vintage sheet music…i was in heaven!  i think there are at least a hundred if not more sheets…the lady wanted a $1.00 each (yikes!) sheet but somehow i got her to let me take it all for $15 usd.  this was my biggest splurge of the day, but i think it was worth it.ff4.jpg these beads came in a bag marked 25 cents, lucky me!ff5.jpg these came in another bag marked 50 cents…i’ll take it, i told the lady…ff7.jpg aren’t these birdie beads wicked darlin’?  i couldn’t believe it when the bag was marked 20 cents for the whole lot!  that was a no brainer as i scooped these up.ff6.jpg  i fell in love with this crotched tea cup…this was 75 cents..  i love finding such bargains, don’t you?

this one dealer had a literal treasure trove of sewing paraphernalia…pure eye candy is what i told the guy…he got a kick out of that & said that i could have these vintage ribbons for 25 cents each…i think i would go back to this flea market, just so i can go back to this dealer.  for sure.ff9.jpg 

ooh, oh, look at the time!  i’ve got a few more pix to upload, but they will have to wait.   i have to get to a workshop over the border this morning or i’m gonna be wicked late! 

…so when i come back i will finish uploading my friday’s finds pix…happy friday all!


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  1. MaryAnn,

    Growing up, I lived right near this flea market and directly under the flight pattern of those dreaded planes! In the summer time we used to sit out in the backyard with binoculars, trying to see the people inside of the tiny windows up in the planes.

    I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for sharing your favorite things with me. I rec’d your swap package and love it! Tanaya

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