earlier today i finished making a couple of fanciful masks for that halloween swap on flickr  which i mentioned in the last post below. mask2.jpg mask1.jpg i also made a little 4 x 4 collage for the swap hostess, lisa, simply as a thank you for organizing this fun swap…4lk.jpg then i remembered that it is tuesday & thought, what could i post for spc? bathroom  continues as this month’s theme over there …  so,  i decided, what the heck, i’ll just  snap some pix of me wearing the masks i just created, hehehe.  an unlikely pair, i know, but here you go>>> masquerading in the bath!masked1.jpg (in the upstairs guest bathroom)  masked2.jpg ( and downstairs, in our bath).   what’s the source of my inspiration, you wonder?  it’s quite simple really.  the masked ball scene in the flick,  marie antoinette, inspired me to create these.  i liked the looks of the masks in that scene; they  made the characters look mysterious & even super-hero esque.   i think the idea of going to a masked ball is wicked fun, don’t you? why don’t people throw more of them these days?   masks ought not only be reserved for halloween or new years’ eve party, you know…


2 Responses

  1. oh mary-ann those masks are beautiful and the collage is sooo cute
    P.S. your parcel left here yesterday for CAC swap xx

  2. What a lucky day for you to happen to see a sign and take the chance to explore, you were rewarded with all kinds of treasures.

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