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renegade this year was different from last  in a number of ways. first, the weather was pleasant, tho a little bit chilly (not that i’m complaining mind you as it was sweltering last year).  it was held along division street (as opposed to wicker park a few blocks away) & this area has changed so much!  i remember when this neighborhood was kinda on the shady side.  it definitely was not as hip & trendy as it is now…there were pockets of crowds, but they were manueverable, unlike last year which was a complete  claustrophobic chaos.  & there seemed to be a lot more kid-friendly merch being sold  this year than last.  my niece & nephew were having a FIELD day fondling all sorts of kid stuff, hehehe…& not to mention, driving my sis looney insane with their continual, “i want that mommy!”  also, it seemed there were seemingly fewer vendors this year than last…i could be wrong, but it seemed that way to me.

 we saw some of our  fav folks there, like the glitter workshop ( one of my fav indie shops in mad city),  pink loves brown, mahar dry goods & sublime stitching…to name a few.   we also met some new indie craftsters & it was oh so nice chatting with them.  some of them were kind enough to pose for some pix & as promised, i’m gonna plug them on the blog>>>

~~the folks from custom made uk were friendly & this was their 1st renegade ever as well as trip to chi-town…they came all the way from oxford, england just to do renegade.  they sold some wicked cute pillows, fabric pins, bags & clutches…they ship pretty much everywhere & if you live in the uk, they do craft fairs there too.   

~~then we met tyler, a wicked crafty altered book artist who basically takes vintage books, reconfigures them & transforms them into one of kind journals… all by hand, no less!  he’s pictured above in the slideshow, btw.  if you happen to be on, then look for him there, tyler bender book co.  or if you  live in the la area, he can be found selling his clever creations at craft & art fairs there. 

~~jasmine aka tart heart crochets these charming hats & bonnets..  the kids & my sis especially took a great liking to her handmade creations that my sis comissioned her to make hats for the kids…actually, there was a sweet bonnet that my niece absolutely went ga-ga over  & jasmine offered to add a couple of pink crocheted ears onto the hat, right there on the spot,  just for my niece.  my niece was thrilled to bits to get her hat.  my nephew was a little bit upset, but we told him that jasmine will make his very special blue dino hat & he will get it very very soon.  we found out in talking with jasmine that she lives in the same neighborhood as our folks.  talk about small world…

~~lotions & potions sell handmade vegan & organic bath & body care…it was nice chatting with the gals there…really clean & gentle smelling stuff.  i especially liked their organic raspberry lip balm…mmmm🙂     

~~the folks over at caseybot were so fun to meet.  actually my nephew was the first to discover their quirky & playful softies.  he was fascinated with this one particular square-shaped softie… he kept wanting to play with it over all the others that were on display.  casey, the creator, was happy to see the kids go nuts for her creations.  i think, the kids made her day:)

there were so many other nifty craftsters that we saw last saturday. but you know how it is when shopping with little kids…plus, things started to look kinda the same after a while…i mean, how many more skull & crossbones variations do i really need to see, ya know? anyway…

well, it was still fun checking out what’s new in the indie/alternative craft world.  it was interesting to see what i tended to gravitate toward (paper, sewing & body care products mostly) & what  i did not (like  skull & crossbones for example).   it was also nice to help “educate” my niece & newphew to “shop indie”…they looked so wicked cute  diggin’ their new indie toys. all in all, it was a good time.   

curious on how i would rate, i took this quiz>>> how indie are you?  this is what came up:

You Are 57% Indie
You’re pretty indie, but you don’t make a fuss letting everyone know.
You just do what you like. You enjoy many types of things – from trendy to bizarre.

How Indie Are You?

i think that  pretty much sums up what  i’ve always believed i was.  i’m  ” indie” all right….just not the skull & crossbones kind. pls. no offense out there…just want to set the record straight is all. everyone gravitates to a certain style or look.  mine happens to lean toward romantic, vintage, time-worn sorts of  things…&  i see nothing wrong in my quest to create beautiful,  artful things.  none whatsoever.  & i know i am not alone in my thinking there.  


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  1. we had such fun at renegade this year! (just wanted to add a comment here so it won’t look so bare…i know that folks visit the blog, but don’t always leave a comment…which is fine…it’s just that my blog looks “lonely”…)

    p.s., i love diana krall…my ‘puter’s speakers aren’t working at the moment, so i don’t know know how this song sounds…i just added her song bec. i’ve been a long-time fan of her music 🙂

  2. […] firstborn wrote a fantastic post today on “shop indie”Here’s ONLY a quick extract~~lotions & potions sell handmade vegan & organic bath & body care…it was nice chatting with the gals there…really clean & gentle smelling stuff. i especially liked their organic raspberry lip balm…mmmm:) … […]

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