treasures lost & found

in the swiss village where we spent the weekend, there is an antiques & collectibles shop.  it is right across the street from the restaurant where we dined.  it’s a collectors’ paradise inside this shop…filled to the brim with what the dh calls, “knicky-knacky” stuff…but i beg to differ. yes, the place overwhelms you with all their STUFF crammed in every possible nook & cranny… but as i wandered around, i found some really sweet treasures & they were unbelieveably low-priced.  i will have to send these snaps to my friday’s finds group…i wondered who these belonged to & also  imagine the delight that they may have brought to someone long ago…         ngf41.jpg a quilted sewing box in the aqua/turquoise i love :)…         ngf3.jpg  vintage greeting cards with their fanciful & frilly designs…         

ngf1.jpg a set of darling pillowcases that appeared to be starched & ironed as well as these dainty doilies…     

ngf2.jpg  and stuffed in the back of a darkened shelf, i came across this very pink  & uber feminine remnant of the past>>>a veiled hat/head adorment…what do you call this?  looks like something from the 1950s or 60s, eh?        

spc11.jpgspc2.jpg  & just for kicks, i donned this pink fluff under the bathroom lights…& wondered where in the world would one  wear this back in the day?         


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  1. did a little bit of research & this headpiece is likely from the 1950s…bows & tulle were common materials in veiled headpieces such as the one i found…just a little fyi 🙂

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