swiss sampler


 thank you for all your sweet comments & wishes on the slideshow below!  i told you that i get terribly nostalgic & sentimental this time of year J 

 over the weekend, the dh & i spent the anniversary in a little town known as “little switzerland”.  usually we just go to a fancy restaurant & treat ourselves to a really nice dinner.  but this time, we decided to be more adventurous & explore new areas.  it was a last minute sort of thing.  the town was in the next county, just west of us.  we hardly venture around cheeseland.  oh perhaps a trip or two  to mad city or even on very rare occasions, to milwaukee.   it’s usually to chi-town that we venture off to in most cases, as our families are there… 

 the above are snippets of our weekend.  we must have seen at least a couple hundred cows…the town was mad for them…they had these painted cow statues all over the town.  i think my li’l nieces & nephews  would get a kick out finding all 15 of them J…the town itself was very well-maintained & very proud of its swiss heritage.  i especially enjoyed die backerei   (i.e., the town bakery) with all its lovely eye candy!   i would definitely go back there just for some of their yumm-o baked goods, hehehe J 

the restaurant where we had dinner also had a wedding reception going on.  what timing, huh?   to be there also to celebrate our anniversary… 

ja, ja, liebe war in der luft (love was definitely in the air.)


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