swamped with swaps (say that 7x fast!)

after being away from bloggyland, i’m trying to make up for my absence & posting a ton today…while i have time. i’ll be finally be starting my services with that school district (pls. don’t ask…it’s a LONG story!)…

& while we were away, i received a sweet package from susan.  she & i were partners in this small swap here.  i really appreciate the thought & generosity that she put forth…i’m a freak for paper, so it was lovely to be showered with some paper love J bps1a.jpg also i have been working on the finishing touches of the ar-TEA swap goodies for my partners.  i mailed their respective parcels yesterday…i hope they will be delighted.  I tried to keep in mind their color likes.   ats4.jpg for mel 🙂ats3.jpg ats2.jpg for stef 🙂ats1.jpg 

am working on a few other swap wips at the moment…seems like i am always involved in one swap or another…as my sis looney said to me the other day,  it keeps my creative juices flowing, hehehe… 

 speaking of my sis, she wants to go to renegade this coming weekend in the worst way…i thought about going, but wasn’t really sure if i  wanted to do the drive into chi-town…the traffic, ugh!  well, my sister is begging…so guess who’s gonna be going to renegade this year?


lol, yeh, the things i do for family. J 


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  1. Lovely colors and details in your banner.

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