on the cusp

 fall is just around the corner & it’s this week’s photo thursday prompt over at CaC.

i look forward to the coming of  early autumn.  i love  this time of year the best because the heat of summer relents to the coolness of fall, for starters.  the trees’  foliage start to change to  brilliant hues,  which never fail to amaze &  delight the senses. fall12.jpg

 i like to hear the “crunch” underfoot as i hike along on a wooded trail. 

fall111.jpg i like to come across opportunities to capture the seasonal changes in progress.  it’s almost like going on a treasure hunt, where the treasure may be something beautiful as this


or as this>>> happening upon a  country fair , which revels in all of autumn’s glory & splendor. fall10.jpgfall61.jpg






 things start slowing down in the fall,  in preparation  for the coming winter months ahead,





it’s almost as though nature is  saying, “come on & enjoy the outdoors while you can.  because before you know it, winter’s  frost will be here & it will be time to go indoors’.


for me, this time is especially favorable because the dh & i were married in early september…on the cusp of autumn.  



every year at this time, i become terribly nostalgic and sentimental.  our wedding day was one of the most beautiful & cherished moments in my life.   how fortunate that i have autumn to blissfully remind me  of that very special day.


5 Responses

  1. wow, just gorgeous! Never looks like that here in Florida. The mountains and the colors of the leaves…wow.

  2. Beautiful! I can’t wait for the change of leaves up here… It’s coming, I can smell it!

  3. what gorgeous photos!!! I so love autumn 🙂

  4. Wonderful autumn colours. The pictures are gorgeous. I can truly understand why you love autumn so much.
    I’m hoping you’ll have a moment to stop by my blog to receive an award.

    Wendy XO

  5. random post–but I found your site via CaC and I am SOOOO inspired by you! I LOVE your charms, and have decided to try my hand at making some (although in a different context). I just wanted to let you know that you’re inspiring someone out here in the internet land!

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