trying something new

my fav arty-crafty medium is paper. it is like a trusty ol’ friend.  paper & me, we go way back.   i have created all sorts of paper lovelies, like these atcs i made this past holiday weekend for a local atc swap i’m in. cps1.jpg

 cps3.jpgwhen i was a little girl, i was obsessed with pretty paper stationery sets.  hallmark shops (an international greeting card giant) were my fav places to go, admiring all & drooling over the wonderful paper merch…i remember spending my allowance money on stationery!  perhaps this paper fetish of mine stems from my love for  writing & drawing… 


 lately, i’ve be wanting to try something new & different.  ever since i joined this  swap on flickr , i’ve become intrigued with charms & jewelry-making. i haven’t abandon my love for all things paper.  that will always be with me.  

 it was from that swap that, i believe, got the ball rolling for me.  oh sure, i have made crude, homemade jewelry, mostly from fibres, ribbons, buttons. but not ever with the usual, more sophisticated materials associated with jewelry-crafting.  whenever i visit my local craft store, i usually bypass the jewelry supplies aisle & head over to the paper/stamp aisles.  for that flickr swap, though,  i finally did persuse the jewelry aisle.  it was overwhelming to me; all those beads, stones, findings, tools…so i consulted some books to get the basics. & soon the wheels started turning… 


i did some experimenting over the weekend, especially since i had a bunch of leftover beads from my last swap project.  i also happened to find these adorable tea charms & earring posts during my recent trip down the jewelry supply aisle.  ideas were whirling in my head & so i set to work.  it took me awhile to get the hang of this new medium. but i kept with it.  i was pleased, though, with my first ever efforts:  a couple pairs of earrings & a couple of charm bracelets (the latter were made for my ar-TEA swap partners).   










i wanted to take pix of me wearing my diy earrings.  they turned out so sweet J.  i see now what all the buzz is about jewelry-making…it can be addicting!  i’ve still got a lot to learn, but it’s nice to know that i tried something completely new, stuck with it & made something aesthetically pleasing to my eye.  who knew i would start diggin’ jewelry-crafting?  hmm, i reckon i won’t be ignoring the bead aisle at my local craft store anymore.  




when i took these snaps of me wearing my diy earrings,  i was actually in our bathroom.  our bathroom is windowless, but the lighting in there is pretty decent.  i’m not big on flurorescent lighting…so the dh had put in  some “natural daylight” lightbulbs  & that is so much better. { i previously wrote about how much i love this li’l room of ours in this post. }

it’s always nicer to see a soft reflection of yourself in the bathroom mirror as opposed to a harsh one, eh?


5 Responses

  1. The other day my sister and I were talking about how we loved the stationary sets we would buy at the beginning of the summer to write to our friends on. Then when school started we would swap stationary with our school friends and each have a different collection.

    I just Love paper too.

    Great job on the earings. You look so cute!

  2. You did a great job on your first lot of jewellery. I did think I would be game to start on something new at the moment. I just have so much stuff that I want to finish off first. Today I bought a canvas to do a collage with some of the bits and pieces you gave me in the Tussie Mussie Swap.

  3. Nice stuff!! I like it!

    I got into making jewelry a few years back. I have a TON of supplies, but I haven’t made anything in a couple years now… I have to get back to that I think! It is a load of fun, and usually very satisfying to see the end result!

  4. I love paper too! Your not alone there girly! R those aceo’s? They are beautiful either way! Your Jewelry is wonderful! I’ve just started getting into Jewelry making myself. Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. Love it! That charm bracelet is awesome!

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