the ar-TEA swap partner list is finally ready to post… 

since there is an uneven # of swap participants, i will take on an extra partner to even things out.  everyone except for karen can be found on flickr.

without further ado, here is what worked out>>>

1) winemakerssister (heather) + metallyptica (teresa/tete)

2) jo creates (jo) + jbdigiuseppe (jen)

3) tinis-arts (tine) + anastasiac@percivalroad (anastasia)

 4) drewzel (steph) + funkyluke (laura)

5) liiolii (katja) + windyangels (wendy)

 6) raesha + karen
7) maineratheart06 (mary ann) + tempoandato (stef)

8) maineratheart06 (mary ann) + melfairyde1 (mel)

please touch base with your assigned partner in the next couple of days & then mail out your artful tea-themed creations to your partner on or before september 18. if you are running late, pls. do not hesitate to contact your partner to give her a heads up. thanks everybody!!happy creating & happy swapping!

mary ann xoxo


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