“…i’ll have a cup of tea & tell you of my dreamin’…

dreamin’ is free… ” ~ blondie


(photos courtesy of google search)

i’ve mentioned this before…my fascination with bora bora? 

the above pix are

snippets of my dream vacation to bora bora…i just know that one day the dh & i

will go there.   dream vacation was this month’s swap theme over at CaC.   i posted

a while back a sneak peek of my swap partner’s prezzie that i created just for her

(stephanie f., that is).  her dream getaway was “african safari“.  she emailed me &

told me that she was happy with everything i sent her.  she was kind enough to

post all about it on her blog here.  go check it out because she posted pix of some of

the pages inside the altered journal i created for her as well as other things i

included in her dream vacation package.

in the post yesterday i received this HUGE box from  stephanie & was ever so delighted.  all things lime green inspired her in coming up with my swap goodies of a tropical dream getaway. & so she & her kids found items that would fit the bill.  i was touched by her note which explained her reasons for the items she thoughtfully sent me.  we had only emailed each other a few times & yet she managed to find things that really did tickle my fancy.  & how could she know that green is one of my fav colors?


 when i opened up the box, my senses were immediately filled withthis lovely, sweet fragrance.  it came from these scented tealights.  it amazed me at the amount of things that she had sent me: those tealights, a sash/scarf embellished with tiny shells, a delicate, featherlite shawl (such a pretty shade of green!), pretty  necklace & matching earrings (so nice!) , bath & bodyworks coconut & lime lotion (love that combo), a cool jazz cd (i *heart* jazz, how did she know that?), a lovely candle dish & a pack of lime-flavored gum.  wow.  she went all out! 


thank you from the bottom of my heart stephanie.  i will treasure everything.  i so

appreciate all the “bora bora” love that she (& her kids) sent my way. 


 that wonderful package got me dreamin’ {sigh}…

& after all, dreamin’ is free…me.jpg

(p.s., i have no idea why the font is compressed here on my blog!  argh!  i had to copy & paste the text above from my wordprocessing program…my apologies for the annoyingly microscopic print!)


3 Responses

  1. Bora Bora! What a lovely, lovely place! Thanks for the gorgeous pics! I hope you get to go there one day. Your tropical green items are so FAB!
    XXOO, Beth

  2. Great stuff! I know your dream will come true!


  3. oooo….I just LOVE that package of lime green goodies!!! YUMMM! And the necklace is lovely!!

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