just so you know

i finally worked out an agreementwith the school district that i was relatively

comfortable with.  it took awhile, but it’s all settled.  i will be beginning my

services as soon as i receive my signed contract.  i’ve agreed to work with the

autistic students whom I’ve dealt with last school year and now also some middle

school students at another building.  i really wasn’t keen on splitting my days

between the two buildings,  but some of the middle school kids i actually know

from when they were in 2nd  & 3rd grades, so i’m familiar with their speech

issues.  i’m hoping for the best, but with those autistic kiddos…i dunno…one good

thing is that if things get harry, the school district will supposedly work

something out with me…hmmm, we shall see…  

i still don’t know why the typeface on my blog is compressed.  it is annoying as

hell.  i don’t recall pressing any buttons to compress print…wtf, this is utterly

annoying.  anyhoo, i digress… 

i will be posting sporadically for awhile.  will be focusing on my

school contract now that it’s all been negotiated.  also, have a few wips to complete 

as well as get ready for justBe event & make plans for our upcoming wedding

anniversary J 

not to worry, I will be back to post the ar-TEA swap partner list this weekend. 

until then, have a great rest of the week J xoxo       


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