charming friday’s finds

charmedswap1.jpg i finally finished making those charms for that flickr swap i mentioned previously.  i had to make 24 charms.  i made 24 + 1 (for the swap hostess, angela).  this bunch is actually my 2nd attempt (the 1st attempt, i scrapped because i didn’t like how they were turning out.  luckily i had only made 3 charms in my 1st attempt when i decided to start all over).charmedswap2.jpg i consulted a couple of jewelry craft books to get some pointers as well as figure out what sort of tools to use (can you tell that i’m a complete novice at this!).charmed4.jpg  i found these tiny metal plates on clearance (50 cents for a pack of 6) at jo ann fabrics a while back.  i thought they would make the perfect base.  then  i used vintage paper scraps, copies of old photos from my stash & assorted beads.  oh yes, i learned from my jewerly craft books the term, “findings”…the lobster claw clasps, head pins & jump rings.  man, jewelry making involves a whole lotta teeny weeny materials!   i made a micro-collage with each piece, attached a few dangly beads, poured small amounts of crystal glaze to keep everything in place & finally sprinkled some fairy dust  for added shimmer.  charmedswap3.jpg

i really hope these will be acceptable for the swap.  i’m a tad bit worried that my attempts will not be on par with the others.  i did my best & it was fun working in a different craft… welp, i’ve packaged each charm in its own baggy & i enclosed those cute li’l flickr moo cards of mine… they are ready to be shipped out.charmedswap6.jpg

 for this week’s friday’s finds, i just couldn’t wait to share these cool reads>>>frifinds1.jpg the latest copies of adorn & quilting arts mags are out & they are worth getting.  so many nifty crafty ideas:)frifinds10.jpg  i’m not a quilter, altho i like to dabble in applique piecing & hand embroidery.  i always am amazed by what textile artists dream up with their sewing machine & fabric.  one of my many sources of inspiration, for sure.  i especially enjoyed reading the article on “fabric inchies”…i figure i can carryover whatever tidbits i learn from this mag onto my paper & mixed media creations. 

frifinds61.jpghave you seen romantic homes lately?  sandra evertson mentions this issue in her blog (she’s one of the editors or something like that).  when i was out & about earlier this week, i spotted this mag & began devouring  perusing it.  how cool of sandra to offer free stamp patterns of her artwork. you can actually have a stamp made from her artwork.  how fab-o is that?   from the looks of it, she will do this in future issues as a series of art freebies.  how very kind & generous of her.  of course, these images are for personal use only.  so glad i know someone local who can make a stamp for me using her image:)  


this must be my week for all things sandra evertson, lol, as i just recently bought her latest book, fanciful paper flowers from here.  it is chock full of delightful projects & also many pages of freebie artwork. 


 i have quite a collection of her artful idea books, all of which contain art freebies.  i so appreciate when artists such as herself (& anna corba comes to mind too) graciously& generously share their work, tips & how-tos…frifinds41.jpg

crowns & tiaras  recently came out here.  it seems there have been lots of talk & even swaps throughout the blogosphere on this very subject… & i saw that sandra’s works, among others, are featured here.  it’s funny how you can spot a particular artist by the style of her work.  frifinds.jpg  i always wonder what folks did once they crafted their crowns?   i’ve made paper crowns for b-day prezzies…but not actually worn one like they show in this book.   oh well, perhaps, the crowns  serve as sources of creative inspiration?  this book certainly fits the bill for  total “eye candy.” frifinds5.jpg  check it out…there are a number of well-known artists featured in this book.  i think you may be drooling with sheer delight.

also when i was at my local joann fabrics, i came across these at the checkout counter…my “impulse” buy, hehehe.

frifinds124.jpg these oversized letters were a dollar/letter.  since it was the sparkle of the glitter that caught my attention, i decided to get letters that reflected that. when i got home, i added my own ribbon & i plan on hanging this up in my studio or somewhere…  i haven’t quite figured out yet where to hang this.  but wherever i decide to hang this, it’ll be a nice reminder to frifinds9.jpgxoxo


4 Responses

  1. You did a great job on the charms. really pretty. looks like you have some great books to read.

  2. OH, I just LOVE the charms you made for the swap!! They are fabulous and I’m sure everyone will love them!! I must head over to Joann’s and buy me some sparkling letters!! One dollar each?? Oh, I can’t wait!! I hope my Joann’s has them! That crowns book looks so fun!

  3. ohmygosh, Mars…they are stunning. stop fretting and all or I’m gonna come over to cheese country and bop you. I’m sooo excited to get one of these. yeah! I’m not done yet though. yikes, I better get “crack in”…xoxo L.

  4. The charms are just gorgeous! You’ve inspired me for a charm swap I’m in … I love your work 🙂
    PS. All the other shopping rocks too. yay!

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