rockin’ robin


who keeps coming up with these bloggy awards that  seemingly appear EVERYWHERE in bloggyland?

first i get hit with the nice matters award from the sweetie pie teresa just the other day.  & now i get hit with this rockin’ girl one from the lovely (& rockin’ gal herself!) jude.  not that i’m complaining, mind you.  i am honored (& even a bit humbled) to be nominated by such lovely, talented friends.  BUT now, i’ve got to come up with NAMES to nominate.  uuuh…lemme see here… i’ve been seeing everybody & their sister getting an award & so it makes it super tough to name folks, as many whom i’m thinking of have already been awarded…  see my dilemma? 

if i hadn’t picked up the latest issue of quilting arts (which there’s a wicked cool article about fabric inchies!) & thought of jude, who is an amazing textile & mixed media artist,  i wouldn’t have ever known about the rockin’ girl award.  i visited jude‘s blog & bam!  there i see my name.

well now, who am i gonna nominate??  jude nominated many of the gals i would have! 

then as coincidence would have it, i was amazed when i received an email from sandra evertson, an amazing artist, whose works have inspired me over the years (& continue to still).  i had recently ordered her new book, fanciful paper flowers, from amazon & it had arrived last friday (it is WONDERFUL, btw…i will blog more about that this in this week’s  friday’s finds). when i checked my emails a while ago, i saw that i got an email from her.  at first i thought i was seeing things…i knew who she was (are you kidding me?  i’ve been a long-time admirer of her art) , but i don’t recall signing up for her e-newsletter.  well, when i opened up the email, she invited me to visit her new blog & then she paid me the nicest compliment about those vintage barbie cupcake atcs that i posted last week.  wow, that was too cool.  if you haven’t already, you gotta check out her wicked cool blog…her amazing work ROCKS…so having rambled on about this, i’m gonna nominate sandra for the rockin’ girl award rgb.jpg (i even told her i would, hehehe, because it is true!)…

now, i’m supposed to name 4 other rockin’ girlies…hmmm, lemme see here…okay, here they are:

my mainer sista, jes; another mainer sista, susan; flickr/blog pal, lisa;  and last, but not least, YOU…(all who come visit my blog ROCK)!  whew!  i’m relieved i was able to pass on the torch….so have at it folks!!!

i spent the day  mailing some parcels ( an etsy order &  my “take me away dream vacation” swap package to my  partner, stephanie f), working on those charm wips for the charmed i’m sure swap in flickr, as well as getting ready for tomorrow’s meeting with the school…i only came up for air to read my email & see what’s going on in bloggyland before i turn in for the evening. 

thank you for your kind comments on my last post.  i really appreciated your supportive words.  i was feeling out of sorts & those articles i read did help put things in better perspective…but not too worry…the hubby & i are doing fine…just having to make some adjustments in our lives.  it is comforting to know that i have such wonderful & caring friends in the blogosphere.  

tomorrow i meet with the school district to discuss contracts.  wish me luck…i want to have a good year with them… 

until next time, ROCK on! xoxo


2 Responses

  1. WHY thankyou, you little rock~stah’ you!!!!

    That must’ve been so nice to get that email…I LOVE it when things like that happen!!!!!

    I’ll pass on the torch in my next post!!!

    PS….having a little contest at my site! Go and play, it’s easy~peasy!
    (and whoever else may be reading this!!!!!)

    xoxoxxo Jes

  2. I hope your contract discussion with the school district went well. Good luck!

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