summer lovin’

summer is CaC‘s photo thursday prompt…i decided to collage some of the more memorable summer pix i’ve taken to date. summercollage.jpg

starting from the very top left to right>>>

1.  my sis looney’s surprise 40th b-day bash kicked off the summer  2. my nephew, nicky, showing off a somersault 3. the bday queen 🙂 4. shasta daisies in full bloom 5. me trying to hurriedly enjoy a twist cone on a wicked hot day 6. cherry red geraniums spilling over from an urn 7. me admiring the asiatic lilies bursting in my cutting flower bed 8.  a close up of my bee balm bud starting to open 9. a cheery pincushion flower, one of my favs in my cutting garden 10.  a nodding hollyhock 11. don’t you just love pink sunsets? 12. corn! 13. independence day 14. happy 4th 15.  holding up an impromptu bouquet of black-eyed susans, which grow wildly in our yard 16. me trying to hurry up & take a pic with my red bee balm bush before an over zealous bumblebee gets me but good 17. the local waterski club in formation 18. very go-go esque 19. taking a bow 20. cat naps…lots of those in the lazy days of summer 21. angelina‘s christmas in july card & tag swap 22. the dh & i starting our summer vacation road trip to ky 23. green trail 24. daily catch 25. fish on! 26. shimmer & sparkle 27. th dh’s idea of summer 28. summer baby 29. make a wish 30. pink roses for me 31. my christmas in july swap from beth! 32.  more christmas in july goodies from beth 33. enjoy the moment 34. happy birthday fairy…too many summer bdays to remember! 35. red hot flowers bursting with abandon 36. exuberant orange zinnias 37. cool purple petunias & silver trailing vine (it’s name escapes me at the moment) 38. beckoning archway 39. pale pink echinaeca 40. paris flea market at one posh place, one of my fav local shops 41. blue skies & fluffy white clouds 42. wish ’em to the cornfields 43. moo cows 44. lounging in our boat.  

there’s still plenty of summer left…but it’s always nice to look back every now & again. to see more summer snaps, head on over to CaC.


on a completely different note, i wanted to share pix of all the wonderful goodies that i received yesterday afternoon from my tussie mussie swap partner, alison, sent me.  again i was rendered speechless by the overwhelming flow of love & generosity that spilled forth from the package!  thank you from the bottom of my heart alison…it really made my day 🙂fromag5.jpg

fromag4.jpg what a beaut!fromag1.jpg omg!!! so much loveliness from one lil’ ol’ tussie mussie holder. unbelievable.  & all i sent her was a few candies & little stuff…fromag2.jpg too cute, this fairy fridge magnet…fromag3.jpgthank you alison from the bottom of my heart.   this summer, i have been fortunate to have participated in a number of swaps & i am so very thrilled & grateful for all the lovelies that my various swap partners have so generously sent my way.  this bears repeating>>>thank you all (& i hope you know who you are)! xoxo

welp, i’m meeting another allison, my dear pal & colleague who recently gave birth to a precious lil’ girl?  she & the babe are coming up to lunch…oooh, i can’t wait to hold the baby again…she is too flippin’ adorable for words…

happy thursday! xoxo


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  1. great collage!!!

    awesome shots

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