melba’s birthday q&a

like my dear blog sista, melba, i *heart* birthdays.  not just my own but others as well.  i believe it was my mom who told us kids growing up that birthdays should be celebrated & that one shouldn’t be alone on his/her birthday.  to this day i truly believe that.   it gives me immense pleasure to send little care packages to friends & family, especially on their birthdays.  birthdays are just perfect opportunitues for RAKs…there is something so incredibly gratifying & loving about GIVING. 

 & my dear soul sista melba is one of the many giving persons i know!   she has written about this very topic &  has so generously offered this amazing giveaway on her blog.  pls. go there right now to check it out!    all you have to do is answer 8 easy questions & post your link.

since she & i had very recently exchanged b-day prezzies (plus not too mention many other times over the past year & a half), i wrote in her blog to not count me in the giveaway…i told her i wanted others to have the chance.  her cute l’il chitlins (ethan & maggie) will pick the lucky winner…her birthday, btw,  is this wednesday, 8/8 so pls. send her some birthday wishes.

as i told her, i’d post my answers on my blog.  so here they are:   

1. When is your birthday? (she knows this as do some of you already) july 27th

2. We are going to the movies (without Ethan and Maggie) on my Birthday…any recommendations?  welp, i too just saw ratatouille with my sis jo & her kids…that was cute (once you suspended the whole rat premise, lol)…the other day, joe & i saw the simpsons…it did have some funny moments, loads of adult humor, in typical simpsons’ fashion (it was joe’s pick, actually…i really was in the mood to see something more like no reservations or that new jane austen movie, but joe refused to see anything chick flick…maybe one of these days i will go see either or both)… 

3. I will probably go to the bookstore on my Birthday for a little alone time. Any recommendations of books/magazines I might want to check out?  you could look for the current copies of  adorn or craft.  they feature loads of cool, indie stuff…  

4. What is was your favorite thing to do as a young child? play baseball & collect stamps & pretty paper stationery.  haven’t been to a game or played baseball in a LONG time, but i do still love to COLLECT…mostly beautiful, old & vintagey things that capture my fancy these days.

5. What do you promise yourself? to honor & accept who & what i am.  to live as an authentic of a life as possible.  to embrace art & life everyday.  to appreciate the simple things in life. 

6. What do you (want to) practice everyday?  yoga, i try to incoporate even 5 minutes each day.  it does help to ground & center me, particularly on especially trying days.  i also want to use more of what i have & buy less.  i have way too much junk.

7. What do you like most about your blog?  i love that i can share my artwork & glimpses into my life as well as use the blog to help stay connected to my family & pals. i so appreciate when someone visits & takes the time to say hello (like the slide guestbook below)!  having this blog has allowed me to connect with so many amazingly talented & creative folks…many of whom i’ve come to call as friends and blog sistas!

 8. What was your best birthday present?  there have been many…but i think i would have to say the best present i ever received was on my 30th which was a solo trip i took to mdi (mt. desert island, me).  i spent an entire week (with my beloved cat, bailey…she so loved taking road trips with me!) exploring on my own, at my own pace…i truly felt adventurous, carefree, 30 & thriving!  it was liberating, to say the least.  ahhh, to be 30 & flirty again…

Bonus Question! ~What do you wish for? hmmm, there are so many…but at the moment, a place where i can truly call home…one that is built by my husband’s two hands & situated in a lovely area in maine.  that’s been uppermost lately.

now that you’ve had a chance to read mine, how about you?  i’d like to know at least when your birthday is…

have a great week! 

it’s gonna be yet another busy week for me…going to be having a yard sale later this month…so much to do…until next time, happy monday! xoxo

p.s., pls. feel free to sign my guestbook below…it would make my day:)


3 Responses

  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

    You have a really nice blog here!

  2. Oh cool! You got it!! 🙂
    I’m just happy to know you enjoyed my tinsy tiny package! 🙂


  3. Thank you sweet sister! I will check out your guest book now!

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