while we’re away

on200px-gogos-vacation.jpg, i thought i would post a little somethin’-somethin’ to tide y’all over as the dh & i will be outta here for about a week…

we leave tomorrow for our summer adventure…still got to do some last minute grocery shopping & packing!  i managed to complete some wips & things, tho: a custom order, etsy shipments, one of my swaps, some work around the house & garden as well as tie up a few loose ends.  whew, i am WIPED, lol!  i think i will be catching up on my zzzzzzzz’s on the drive to the lake.

bday1.jpg a week from today i will be another year older younger & wiser.

 man, time sure does fly WICKED fast esp. when you are not paying attention! we’ll still be on our trip, but my sisters assure me that we will celebrate when we come home.  i wonder if i should pack some b-day candles in case i buy a cake somewhere at the lake place.  i suppose i could do that.  my mom bought one of those peppridge farm layer cakes for my 7th b-day.  we were on a family vacation at disneyworld.  always had a soft spot for those tasty li’l cakes ever since then. i just might pick one up down there, hehehe, just for old times’ sake.  (btw, the stamp i used is from here…isn’t it wicked cute? i just discovered this stamp line & lovin’ it)…

my dear, long-time friend & colleague, mary, sent me an early birthday prezzie in yesterday’s mail!bday2.jpg what a pleasant surprise.  last year, she sent me this HUGE-ass box of prezzies right on my actual b-day as it was a milestone b-day for me…& here she goes again, remembering that it’s my b-day & spoiling me.  THANKS SO MUCH MAR!! i love everything you sent me: the lovely cookbook, the wicked cute vera bradley change pursebday3.jpg & stationary set, also vera bradley.bday4.jpg next time i’m in chi-town, WE will definitely go out & celebrate.  my friend mary was my mentor when i first started out in speech pathology & it didn’t take long before we became fast friends.  i cannot believe that she will be celebrating her 20th anniversary as a speech pathologist. wasn’t it just yesterday that she & i worked together at that SNF (i.e., skilled nursing facility) place?   wow, you go grrrl!  so MAR, we BOTH have something to celebrate, YAY!!!!4beth2.jpg i whipped up my 4 cards & 4 tags for my swap partner, beth.  this is for that swap i mentioned previously, angelina’s christmas in july card & tag swap.  i also made some button inchies for angelina, who plans on giving them as thank you favors to all the swap participants.  i learned that my swap partner loves green & pink & all things vintage, so i aimed at making her lovelies with that in mind… 4beth9.jpg 4beth8.jpg 4beth7.jpg 4beth6.jpg 4beth5.jpg 4beth4.jpg 4beth31.jpg i so had fun creating these…i do hope that beth will like them:)

4beth1.jpg i also wanted to send her something besides the cards & tags.  so i tricked out one of those crazy li’l ballerinas that i have…i hope she’ll get a kick out of that:)

one last thing before i end this post.  i toyed around flickr toys, & created a slideshow of the 1st page ( i have several!) of  my favs on flickr.  check it out>>>View slideshow

until next time, have a great week & see y’all real soon:) xoxo


5 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday…………….. early. Hope you and your dh enjoy your vacation.

  2. What a wonderful post! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us! *HUGS*

  3. Happy Birthday in advance!!

    Oh, I’m happy to find out I’m not the only one who has already made the cards and tags for the Xmas in July Swap!!
    I’m now also focusing in what to send my partner as a treat!

    Enjoy your vacations!!

  4. Fun and cheerful blog! I like all your photos and graphics. 🙂

    I used to have that GoGo’s album in H.S. “Vacation all i ever wanted…”


  5. I LOVE the cards you did for Beth! Can you tell me who makes the ‘Santa Baby’ stamp?

    And I can’t believe the great photos of the lake show… how amazing! How Norman Rockwell.. how wonderful!

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