the river runs through it


i’ve mentioned before that there’s a river that runs thru my town.  about a mile down the road from where we live, you can catch part of the river, which weaves in and around the town.   sometimes the hubby & i go there, just to sit & watch the water move.  it’s not quite the same as when we lived in maine.  there we’d  always  go to the town harbor or our little secret coves & watch the tide come in (or go out, depending on the time of day).  water has always been a fascination of ours.   water15.jpg it’s ironic, tho,  as i do not swim.  i actually have a swimming phobia.  i’ve tried a few times to overcome it, but i just couldn’t get pass submerging my head in the water.  i think it all relates back to a near-drowning accident i had when i was nine.  we were on a family vacation in the mother country & a cousin of mine threw me in the deep end of the hotel pool & i FREAKED.  i remember hitting the bottom of the pool. then the very same cousin who threw me in had rescued me.  how bizarre something like that could still plague my pysche after all these years.

but to my credit, i do not avoid the water.  i just don’t get in it…well, not very far or deep into it.  unless i am in a boating vessel, wearing a life vest (plus dramamine helps too!), then i am good to go.  i have tremedous respect for the water.  it can be a powerful force.  whenever my dh & i are on the water, whether it be on the river, lake, or ocean, we do take care & are mindful.   my hubby is careful & conscientous whenever we are out on the water in our li’l boat. & soon, we will take our boat on the water.  i know how much the dh is looking forward to our upcoming trip to that lake resort.  it will be an adventure, i’m sure.

last sunday nite, we went to a local water ski show.  it’s a summer ritual in our town.  folks gather at dusk to watch these incredibly YOUNG (many of the performers are children!) & talented waterskiiers strut their stuff on the water.  some amazing feats we saw unfold over the water that night.          

water17.jpgwater16.jpgwater3a.jpgwater7.jpgwater5.jpgwater8.jpgwater141.jpgwater9.jpgwater63.jpgwater13.jpgwater112.jpg ( i apologize for the blurry pic above.  the gal had stood on the man’s shoulders & then suddenly dropped into his arms when i shot this snap).


3 Responses

  1. I’m not too thrilled about being in deep water either but, like you, I enjoy being near it. Those waterskiers look like they put on quite a show. I can’t imagine the control that they must have. Thanks for the cool photos.

  2. I can swim but I don’t swim unless I HAVE to. I don’t like knowing what is in the water. If I ever go to the beach, which I haven’t been able to for a LONG time…I just walk. I don’t go in the water to far.
    You did a great job at taking those pictures!Thanks for sharing them! 🙂
    My mom is scared of the water too. I think that she had a bad situation having to do with water when she was young. Not positive though… Funny how the mind remembers those types of things. Isn’t it?
    Well, thanks for sharing! *HUGS*

  3. Love your shots of the show! My mother doesn’t swim either. I remember someone teasing her and throwing her in the pool once at their friends’ place when I was a kid and she doesn’t forget it either. My hubby has a similar memory to you too, he swims, no problem, very strong swimmer, but he will never put his head under water, while swimming freestyle or hold his breath under water. He was held under water as a child by one of his brothers and it is a memory that has stayed with him. We went up to the Great Barrier Reef, and I took a quick scuba diving course on the boat ride out there (like a 90 min ride out), while he sat in the big catamaran and just watched me through the viewing window under water. He wouldn’t snorkel even in shallow water either, it’s such a shame that something like these experiences can put people off something that can be so enjoyable for most of us. The people who do it probably don’t realise what effect they can have, while they go about their business having fun!!!

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