10 years ago today

i met the love of my life.  joeme.jpg we went on a blind date on this very day back in ’97.  i recall it being a hot, sultry july evening.  i remember feeling very nervous but also excited.  i wondered if i would like him & if he would like me.  my heart was pounding as i drove to the restaurant to meet him.  i saw that i had arrived to the restaurant first.  i do remember thinking, maybe he ditched me?   then, i saw him pull into the parking lot.  he looked at me and said, mary ann?  i nodded yes.  i had butterflies in my stomach.  then i remember joe saying, you’re so pretty.  don’t be shy.  i remember thinking, my God, he’s a TALL one!  we hit it off instantaneously that evening 10 years ago.  & we’ve been inseparable ever since. 

this morning i wished my dh “happy 10 yrs!”  & he looked quizzically at me (just like a man).  then i reminded him that today is when we first met.  he said, at skip’s (the restaraunt where we met).  he did remember!  i told him that i will cook him a nice dinner tonite when he comes home from work.  i think i will make it a “turf & surf” dinner…gosh, i *heart* this guy!

last night, he announced that we are going on a trip to a lake resort in kentucky this weekend.  i was surprised as i really thought we were just going to go up north…he’s rented a cottage on the lake there for a week.  he’s been working so much & so hard lately that i’m happy that he’s found us a place to get away.  we had previously planned on going on this huge road trip out west last month.  but because of the current gas prices, we had to change plans.  i thought that since he had summer work lined up that we were just going to go somewhere local.  but he found us a nice place to go within a day’s drive.  that’s pretty amazing since this time of year is “peak” season most everywhere & pickins’ are slim… & for him to find us a nice little cottage on the water on such short notice, well, kudos to the dh!

so that means, in the next few days, i will be scrambling around getting ready for our trip & also trying to complete some wips.  i may not be posting for awhile as a result.  we’ll be away until the end of the month, speaking of which i won’t be home for my actual birthday.  but not too worry, we will celebrate when i come back from vacation.  

so much to do…but it’s all good. have a fab-o week! xoxo


8 Responses

  1. Congratulations – I hope you have a wonderful time on your getaway. I believe it will be much deserved. I haven’t been by for so long for a visit and I see you have been creating like cwazy. YES!
    I don’t know where the time has flown. I absolutely love your little buttons and tags, and, well, everything.
    Please have a wonderful, splendid birthday.
    Angels be with you,

  2. Such a cute couple ! Have a wonderful time on your get-away.

  3. Wow! 10 years! 🙂 Congrats! Mike and I still track our “anniversary” from the day we met. December 22, 2004. Amazing!

    Have a wonderful trip!!

  4. Ohhh that’s sooo sweet! Congradulations! I bet you will have a wonderful time together there! You look like you are a wonderful couple. That’s sooo romantic…sighs…. 🙂 I can’t wait until your back! Great post! Congradulations again!

  5. You too look so cute together!
    have a wonderful, relaxing, and loving time away!


  6. Hey sweetheart! 🙂 Congrats on your 10 years together! You are a gorgeous looking couple. Have a wonderful, wonderful break, and a beautiful birthday!

    Huge Hugs & Much Love,
    Suze xXx

  7. Thanks for telling us the story of how you met. I’m happy that it has worked out so well for the two of you. Happy anniversary!

  8. Congratualations- Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!Have a great time at the lake with your hubby.Happy Birthday!

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