luck by my side


ff3.jpg yesterday being friday the 13th was actually my lucky day!  two of my fav local shops threw a flea market this week & wow, did i score HUGE!  i was actually on my way to the post office to mail some etsy orders & my intuition told me to stop by & check out the flea market.  when your intuition tells you to do something,  you had better listen!  i am so glad because LOOKIE (i meant to post this yesterday for friday’s finds, but i was consumed with crafting away in the studio)>>> ff12.jpgff21.jpgff4.jpgff5.jpgff6.jpgff7.jpg i fell in love with this darlin’ pink slipper chair (pictured above).  i know, i know.  where in the heck would i put this?  it’s a frou-frou piece to be sure.  but it does tickle my fancy…hmmm, the flea market ends tomorrow & prices of things usually are marked down.  perhaps i’ll just mosey on over & see if it’s still there to visit, yeh, to visit, hehehe. [sigh]

ff8.jpg  talk about being at the right place at the right time.ff9.jpg  i spotted these dee foust lovelies & just could not believe the PRICEs!  for all 3 of these pretties, i paid what just ONE piece would normally cost (her stuff is a bit pricey but oh-so-CUTE)>>>$35 usd for all 3!!!  the shop gals had just told me that they had JUST put those out when i happened by (oh lucky me!)ff10.jpg

i also found this old shopping cart & it totally reminded me of my pal angie wangie’s…she has one at her house just like it.  so perfect to take along on flea marketing jaunts. ff11.jpgit was quite shabby but i also spotted this sweet rose fabric.  ff121.jpg i was SEW inspired to make a liner for this cart…ff13.jpgit took me awhile to figure out how to fashion the liner.   but i did make it work {speaking of which, i can’t wait for project runway to begin!}…ff14.jpg look how lovely my cart looks now after i got my crafty little hands on it.

etsy5.jpg i have been collecting little cups & containers to hold all my li’l ballerina fairies i’ve been keen on making these days…etsy5b.jpg i’ve got a ballerina brigade going over here, hee-hee…so much fun creating these loveliesetsy17.jpg  these will be available in my etsy shop soon…etsy21.jpgas will these tix sets…etsy3.jpg  you like?cccontinuum.jpg remember i had mentioned a while back about this my space group called, cupcake continuum?  welp, here’s my cupcake entry, which i will send off on monday.  i used the template as a guide & put my own little twist (that’s the whole point)…i had such fun creating this, that i went cupcake crazy.

etsy4.jpg  i created these 4×4 collages, which i plan on also putting in my shop.  what do you think?  should i put a ribbon hanger on them or leave them as is? i’d appreciate your kind feedback 🙂  

tcupswap1.jpglast thursday, i received my lovely vintage tea cup swap package from my partner shae, who hails from australia. tcupswap2.jpg  i love how everything coordinates, from the tea cup, saucer, dish to the lovely woven napkin & tea bags ( earl grey is a fav standby!).  my partner even made a cute li’l collage…thank you so much shae (aka “butterfly collector” in flickr) for everything…i love them all!  i hope she & the other teacup swappers had a fun time in our swap…the pix in the group pool are so fun to ooh & ahhh over.

between crafting (for my shop & for justBe), gardening & homekeeping, i’ve been also busy with a few other swaps (i know, there she goes again!) …somehow, i got myself involved with a charm swap hosted by a flickr pal, angela; a fairy swap hosted by my flickr pal, lisa k., & a christmas in july swapcardswap1.jpg hosted by a newly discovered etsy pal, angelina.  for some reason, i’m having some probs loading her swap badge onto my sidebar…so this is why i have posted it here.  also, she has commisioned me to make a set of button inchies for her swap…which i’m all too happy to do 🙂 

it’s taken me a good 2 hours to post this rather long entry…& it’s getting late.  so until next time, have a great rest of the weekend!  xoxo


2 Responses

  1. I love those tix of yours!! Where do you get them? I’d love to have some blank tix of my own to use sometimes, but I’ve no ideia where to find them…

    About the cupcake tags, I guess you should put a ribbon hanger on them!! They’ll be more useful and pretty!! 🙂

    I’m in the Xmas in July Swap as well!! Wouldn’t it be great if we were partners? 🙂

    Oh well… I better go now!!

    Kisses!! Keep spreading all that good karma of yours!! 🙂

  2. love the little cart…. Now we have twin carts. So are you up to the flea market in Sandwhich IL in August?

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