wish ’em to the cornfields


for spc this week, i chose “earth“.  everywhere i go in my town, there are miles & miles & miles of cornfields. literally.  

i have lived in a number of places in the u.s., but never have i lived anywhere with such an inordinate amount of cornfields!  don’t get me wrong, i love corn, but to be surrounded by these green giant stalks at every turn…well, it’s plain nuts & kinda freaks me out. spcme.jpg

every summer, the landscape looks like these pics.  lush, breezy, green cornfields EVERYWHERE.  you can’t escape them. not even if you tried.  sometimes, i think about that stephen king horror flick where something bad ALWAYS happened in the cornfields. i was just a little kid when i saw that flick.  it gives me chills just thinking about that.  fortunately, i can’t remember the name of the movie.  generally, i’m not a huge fan of stephen king.  but thanks to him, i will always be reminded of his movie whenever i see cornfields.   


when i took these snaps, i couldn’t help feeling a bit uncomfortable bec:  a) i was trespassing somebody’s farmland;  b) i kept thinking of stephen king’s movie & c) it was frickin’ sweltering out.

but even with my childhood association with horror flicks, i still was able to appreciate the simple beauty of mother earth.


3 Responses

  1. Interesting… 🙂 Have you seen the movie “Field of dreams”? It’s not a Stephen King movie though. LOLOL Anyway, wonderful post!

  2. fantastic photo…
    i grew up in indiana and must admit that i miss all those cornfields…out here in the pacific northwest (at least where i live) we just don’t have them.
    as a kid, i loved to look for the patterns of the rows when we would drive by…guess i still like to do that.

  3. The Stephen King movie is Children of the Corn. The book was waaaay scarier. Funny, I get a little wistful for the farm where we lived when I was in high school. The cornfields scared my Mum as my baby sister got lost in them.

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