craft overload

i’ve been crafting away lately.  i think a little bit too much actually.  last friday, i was just telling my dear pal, angie wangie, how i just spent HOURS non-stop rubber stamping.  i didn’t even noticed the time slipping away.  i was so tired & i couldn’t pick up another stamp.  i had reached craft overload.  you know it’s bad when you don’t even want to pick up a pair of scissors or so much as look at another stamp. 

i am such a worker bee that i loose track of time & pretty much loose myself in all the crafty haze.  not good.  i thought that i had better pull back & take a break.  so, i went on a self-imposed craft / blog-free weekend.         

but no sooner than i did that, i got an email about a custom order.  ever being the conscientious crafster, i did go back in the studio…but just  for a little bit (not hours as i normally would have pre-ban) & worked on that>>>etsy2.jpg  haven’t posted the pics of this yet in my etsy, but i will soon.  uploading pix is about my least fav thing to do.  it just takes too much darn time!  but, i realize that it is a necessary “evil” if i am to sell my stuff at all. 

some new stuff that will be available in my shop shortly.  etsy131.jpg etsy141.jpg etsy8.jpg etsy15.jpg

on a completely different, but somehow crafty, note…my bio sis, looney & gail, have been on me to go to “my space“.  actually, a little over a year ago, my dear friend tamara invited me to her “my space“.  we had been tight as friends could be when we both lived in maine (she moved to nashville & then we moved to cheeseland a year after she left).  anyway, she practically begged me to get on my space.  i, at the time, was already enjoying the wonderful world of creative blogging & the thought of starting another on-line thing, like my space, was a bit overwhelming to me (tho i didn’t tell my pal that). 

well, in the end i reluctantly signed on my space, but pretty much left it running idle for over a year…  UNTIL, my sisters, who discovered my space recently & of course, wanted me to join them.  i told them both that i had already been invited by tamara long time ago & that i couldn’t even remember my url addy, much less my my space alias…

as luck would have it, i found an old email from my space & i revisited my space.  it was looking pretty pathetic.  no pictures. no nothing.  it was blah, except for some harrassing comments from tamara, razzing me about never going to my space

since my sis’ & tamara have all been on me to update my space {which i finally have}, you can now find me there as well as here, my main blog.  at first, i used my space as a way to send quick messages to my sisters & tamara.  but now, as i’m getting acquainted with the whole my space world, i’m finding that i can use my space to network with other like-minded souls, in addition to blogging.   there’s a whole new range of artsy-crafty folks just waiting to be discovered out there.   it’s incredible the amount of crafster-types out there! i never would have thought to check in my space for artsy-craftsy people/groups.  until recently, i always thought that my space was for high schoolers & college kids. however, that’s not the case.  i was corrected not too long ago by my dear pal laura who told me that “facebook” is now the new “my space” for the younger crowds.  whatever.  i cannot keep up with all these online networking sites.

anyhoo, wasn’t i thrilled to find  familiar faces>>>i found my bloggy sis’, melba & lia on my space!  yay!!!  so far, i have come across other etsy sellers, women entrepreneurs, creative types & cool groups, such as the “cupcake continuum“…this one is a fun group where you basically download a cupcake template from their site & decorate it however you like & then you send it to the group host, who will then fashion a sort of cupcake art “quilt”…fun, huh?  check it out…i’m thinking of how i want to decorate mine….i’m especially fond of cupcakes…i’m thinking pink & sparkly 🙂

welp, i better scoot along & start uploading pics of the new stuff i’ve made onto my etsy .  until next time, have a great week! xoxo


3 Responses

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  2. I love your stampped tickets!! So cute and chique!!

  3. Love your stuff. You have a great style. Glad to stumble upon you!

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