pj party & friday finds

pjparty2.jpg  there’s a pajama party going on over at CaC‘s photo thursday (guested hosted by one of my lovely blog sistas, lia)…lia shared that she puts on her fav pj bottoms & creates her artwork late at night.  she wanted to see  folks wearing their pjs & also learning when people do their creative work. pjparty.jpg now that it’s summer & i’m basically working from home, i craft all the time.  lately, i’ve been crafting soon after i awake for a couple of hours.  then i take a break checking emails/blogging, running errands, cleaning house or doing some gardening.  if i have some energy (& urge) left after dinner with the dh, i might wander back into my studio & craft some more.  i hate to admit this, but i’ve been known to wear my pjs all day long sometimes, especially if i don’t go outside at all.  the pjs i usually wear esp. at this time of year is a nightie. i usually pair that with my fav lavendar robe.  i don’t like to wear long pants beacause it gets too hot (as my dh insists on flannel sheets *yes, flannel* even in the summertime!). 


tcupfinds3.jpg  for friday’s finds this week, i struck the mother lode when i walked into one of my local junk-tiquing haunts, carousel consignments.  the shopowner had just put out a bunch of sweet li’l tea cups & saucers.  i was in HEAVEN.sweet.jpg  they were $1 usd a piece.  look how wicked cute they look all together>>> tcupfinds.jpg then i found a couple of old books, one was a dictionary in really bad shape (the other was a book of poems), also had for $1 usd).  but i didn’t care because i’m planning on tearing out definitions as i need them for my art projects 🙂 oldbooks.jpg what am i going to do with all those tea cups & saucers?  why, throw a little tea party when the nieces & nephews come over, of course. the cups are the perfect size 🙂tdef.jpg  it’s getting late now & i’ve got to hit the sack.  my friend allison will soon be a new mama & i can’t wait to be one of the firsts to see her new bundle of joy. sweet dreams.  xoxo  


4 Responses

  1. How beautiful! I just love whimsical teacups!

  2. Wonderful post! The good thing about your working at home is you may have more time to post. 🙂 I love to see your work! :)Wonderful post!

  3. Your PJ’s are so cute! I loved seeing all your photos from time at your sister’s. I will be going to NJ next week to see my sister. I can’t wait!


  4. ohh love your Pyjamas – pretty!!!

    those cups are just gorgeous!! what a great bargain!!!

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