it’s been crazy hectic here.  thank goodness mother nature took pity on me & has been raining on & off these past couple of days…that has been a RELIEF as that was one less thing for me to hafta do…

we’re heading to chi-town this weekend later this morning & so i wanted to share all the “craftivity” that’s been happening over in my sweatshop.wips1.jpg  in the july issue of country living magazine (one of my favs), there’s a wicked cool article on these fab-o crowns :)…  the website, i hate to say this, seems to be having trouble letting folks download the instructions for these crowns. but after some alotta (lol)trial & error,  i figured out how to make ’em!  will be making a bunch of these for my shops.  too cool for words…  i sent off my midsummer’s vintage tea cup swap package to my partner,  stephanie, yesterday.  she should be getting that soon.

one of my lovely bloggy sistas, raesha, just celebrated her b-day last tuesday (same day as one of my bils, btw) & i’ve finally completed my little gifties & mailed them off yesterday too.  i hope she will like :)!

4raesha21.jpg 4raesha1.jpg

as i’ve mentioned previously, tomorrow will be both my dh & my sister, looney’s, birthdays.  we’re going to celebrate with the family>>>a 3-way b-day bash (my bil, who’s also my sis’ dh, sis & dh).  my sis called yesterday & told me how wicked excited the chitlins’ are that we’re coming.  it will be nice to be around those li’l buggers :)…

early birthday wishes to my dh, joe & my beautiful sis, looney aka jo.  i love you both forever & always!!!  can’t wait to get our PARTY ON!  woo-hoo! happy special birthday looney as you will soon be in the 40 & fabulous club!!! yipee 🙂ccbday.jpg

to commemorate this milestone, i created this shadowbox just for you loon!jogi2.jpg  the idea just came to me after i made your “4oth” crown…i painted that box just this morning…  when inspiration strikes, you gotta run with it, right?jogi1.jpg  i think i will be making more of these shadowboxes for my shops. 

i’ve been making more things to put in the shops, like this>>>bttnset5.jpg


& this>>>wistfultag.jpg

but wait!  there’s still more yet. i’ve also made these.  all 60 or so of them for the tea cup swappers [that’s 2 button inchies/swapper:) ]>>>wips2.jpg

welp, that’s all the sharing for now…i’ve gotta get us packed & ready to trek off to chi-town.  will be back tomorrow night.  until then, have a wonderfully relaxing weekend! after all this craftivity, i think i’m due for some r & r.  ya think, lol? xoxo


6 Responses

  1. Ooooo, you are having lots of fun with that button maker!
    Raesha will love the ones you made her!

  2. I love your buttons. This post is wonderful! You post things that make me hungry. Wonderful post!

  3. Wow, all of these items are fantastic! You’re one talented lady! 🙂

  4. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! Your craftivity is beautiful!!! You absolutely spoil me:):) LOVE you!

  5. Neato! You were on a roll! Can’t wait to accost the mailman!

  6. OH! I love all that you are making these days!!! And Looney’s shadow box is so sweet!! She’s sure to love it!

    We will be on the Maine waters for 4 days this weekend! I’ll toss something overboard and make a wish for you! xoxox

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