today is TEA-rrific!



my fanwy wanted to see what the back of the button inchies looked like.  here’s a shot of a li’l something i’m making for the midsummer’s vintage tea cup swap…at first it was tricky get those pinbacks in the collet (that’s the metal rim holding the button pieces together) as i kept getting pricked by the teeny tiny, but sharp, pin points (i wonder if that is how acupuncture feels like?).  i’ve gotten the hang of it though & i’ve been able to whip ’em in there without a sting. 

4stephy4030.jpg  i actually had found my vintage tea cup & mismatched saucer way before i knew who my partner was going to be.  i also found this retro paisley apron that i thought my partner would like.  {stephanie, i know that you visit my blog from time to time.  i just couldn’t resist giving you a sneak peek 🙂 }…   


i’m still working on her little swap gifties…but these are the “meat” of the package.  i have other little whatnots to add, but i will save those for a surprise.


4s4.jpg  i just wanted to let you know that i appreciate your kind & supportive words regarding my rant below.  i was letting off some boiled-over steam…i’m over it now & concentrating on whipping up all kinds of loveliness for some very dear folks.  so much going on this week…completing wips, mailing parcels to all sorts of blog/flickr pals & getting ready for the BIG birthday weekend blow-out in chi-town (will be celebrating my sister looney’s & dh’s birthdays).  oh my, look at how fast time flies…i’ve gotta scoot & get crack-a-lacking!  happy 1st day of summer!!  xoxo


3 Responses

  1. How much cuteness can you pack into one post!!! The button is fabulous, the teacup and saucer are divine and the apron is stunning!!! SO SO SO cute!!

  2. oh my goodies!!!!!!! what a fab post…love the buttons, that gorgeous apron and the charming vintage tea cup…oooooh you’re one heck of a partner!!! you’re doing such a wonderful job in our midsummer vintage tea cup swap…thank you for all of your hard work…can’t wait to see ya tomorrow for the 2 “jo + joe’s” b-day celebration…don’t forget to bring part of your studio so we could get down and get “crafty”!!!!

    going right now to dt blue island to find that perfect vintage tea cup for sweet raesha and a few more lil’ treats…luv ya!!!!! xoxoxo looney

  3. Ohhh how cute! I love it! Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

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