read the signs

my last post was such a downer, so i will end my wednesday on a happier note…

sign(s)” is the prompt for CaC‘s photo thursday guesthosted by one of my lovely blog sistas, lia.  we’re to share pix of actual signs that we see around us. 

rg619b1.jpgafter my yoga class yesterday, i went to my local public gardens where i do some volunteer work & had a leisurely brown-bag lunch.  it was absolutely gorgeous out.  for a change, it was not sweltering hot & i wanted so much to take advantage of the pleasant weather as i had been pretty much sequestered in the ac lately. 

rg619a.jpg i always like to go here, especially to the english walled garden…it is the first place i head for usually.  it is, to me, the most enchanting, magical spot in the whole entire place.   i absolutely adore the living walls that line the perimeter of the space.  i feel safe & sheltered from “the world” when i am there…rg619.jpg

 i love it there…to just sit, enjoy & listen to the birds & the wind breezing through & around the tree branches.  i could sit there forever.   it is that simply divine.rg619c.jpg  

after my luncheon reverie, i strolled around on the brick paths, admiring the lovely floral eye candy that was all around me.  this is the same place where i have mentioned before where there are wooden benches with quotes carved into them.  here are two that spoke to me yesterday:rgsign2.jpg



yes, yes!!“, is precisely what my heart sang inside. 


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