button inchies for sale!

bbtnz41.jpg  that’s what i’m calling them & they’re ready!  yipee!  i’ve got 4 sets up for sale ($3.50 usd/set of 3 button inchies) in my etsy.  i’m planning to make loads more…just had to take a break so that i can finally update my shop.  i’ll be posting a couple of sets in my lov.li  shop shortly…  also, i decided to do a summer solstice special for anyone interested in custom orders.  the deal is send me via snail mail OR email your original, copyright-free artwork or photo & i will then crank out your custom inchies for $10 usd/12 button inchies; $22.50 usd/25 button inchies.  this offer ends 7/1/07.  

after that, one custom individual button inchie will cost $1.25/each; set of 12 button inchies will cost $14 usd/set; set of 25 button inchies will cost $27.50 usd/set.  this is an entirely new territory that i’m entering…but so far, it’s been rockin’ 🙂

bttnz2.jpg it took me some time to prettily package these sets.

bttnz.jpg  but here they are. don’t they look so neat & tidy all packaged & cute?   which reminds me, i’m running low on my printer ink…will have to leave the house to pick up more ink.  in the meantime, it’s back to my button sweatshop i have over here…i’ve got a few other wips that i’ve been working on as well, along with my current button frenzy i have going on here, hehehe.

anyway, hope you are having a wicked good wednesday! 


2 Responses

  1. These are so fabulous! You are so making me want an inchie machine!!! :):)

  2. Love them and the packaging. Any chance of o peek at a button back?

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