cute as a button

last month, it rained buckets.  this month, nada, (even though the weather folks keep saying that there’s a chance of showers…hah, yeah right!)  as i mentioned previously, i pretty much wilt in the heat. i get terribly cranky when it’s too hot.  i almost went to that indie craft fair i mentioned over the weekend, but as soon as i stepped outside in the heat, i knew that it wasn’t gonna happen.  i’m sure i missed all sorts of goodies there, but the drive out there & to deal with crowds, parking & the heat, fuhgeddaboutit!   i stayed close to home all weekend, mostly cleaning, gardening & of course, tackling my wips. 

oh, before i go on to show ‘n’ tell the wips i’ve been tackling, there have been some changes i had to unexpectedly make in the midsummer’s vintage tea cup swap list.  i’d rather not go into details (just know that i was a “frustrated”, to put it mildly [big SIGH])… but if you are participating in this swap, you might want to check out the updated list as the former list no longer applies now. 

okay, back to topic at hand…ah yes, my weekend wips. 

a while back, i debated long & hard about investing in a professional-grade button-maker.  in the end i went for it & got myself a really nice “inchies” machine.  this weekend was the first chance i actually got to sit down & thoroughly read over the instructions & get acquainted with my new toy, er, i mean, investment.   i was surprised & excited how amazingly simple this machine was to operate (especially for someone who is somewhat of a machine-challenged person, lol)…   buttons11.jpg  i can’t believe how wicked cool this machine is!!!  i am so HAPPY that i made that initial investment because, look out etsy &, i’ll be busting out with my inchies button-making service in the very near future :)! 

buttnz.jpg  i’ve been having a blast making these inchies…they’re so addictive, hehehe!  i think in the next day or two, i will have a respectable  amount ready for sale, woo-hoo!  i’ll even take CUSTOM orders too…you send me your artwork or photos,  et voila, your very own set of inchies…dets to follow shortly (still working that all out).  logobttn.jpg  here’s my logo button…there’s more where that came from…i’ve got collaged/stamped circles waiting to be pressed into a button…wouldn’t it be nice to have a {physical} button with your blog name or logo?  cool, right?bttnwips.jpg  these are some lovlies waiting in the wings…more to follow, believe me.  now i know how my dear blog sis, lia, felt when she talked about her 1-inch square collages, except i’ve got 1-in CIRCLEs on the brain, ha, ha, ha! 

in between making buttons, i also made some altered matchboxes for a swap called, natasha’s shabby chic craft matchbox swap.  yep, that’s a mouthful for such tiny boxes…but here are my efforts:


the blue & pink one is a “thank you” to the swap’s hostess, natasha.  the pink & white is actually for my swap partner, laura.  while snooping, visiting laura’s blog, i learned that pink & white are her fave colors.  i hope that she will like…

for this swap, we also had to fill our matchboxes with some shabby chic goodness…here are just some of the things i managed to stuff into these tiny drawers>>>

4laura2.jpg  for my swap pal, laura…

4laura.jpg  i threw in some green just for added cuteness 🙂

4natasha2.jpg i like to send a little something to thank the swap hostess, so i decided to make natasha one too, only this one is pink & robin egg blue (my colors at the moment, btw).4natasha.jpg  it’s crazy how much stuff you can fill these tiny things…i wanted to put my inchies button for each gal, but they were hogging space…i’ll send ’em anyway…outside the box, hehehe…

my sis loon & my dh share the same b-day & we’ll be heading to chi-town this coming weekend for the b-day extravaganzas for the two of them.  it’s my sister’s BIG birthday…(shhh, she’s turning the big 4-0!)…so i blew up my atc drawings of her chitlins to larger & also framed copies (she knows this already…plus i  gave her another  b-day present early already).  i will give them to her when i see her at the end of the week…they’ve been having the same heat spell (+ SMOG…yucko!) that we’ve been having…oh well, it’s summer after all, right?twins.jpg 

it’s back to my li’l button making sweatshop…hope you all had a nice father’s day weekend & good week to you all too! 


2 Responses

  1. Those little buttons are so cute and they look like so much fun!!!!!!
    The drawings you did for your sis are great!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love everything! The buttons are so sweet, the boxes you made for Laura and I are adorable! You know you didn’t have to go to the trouble for me but I love it already!!!!!

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