friday’s finds & other musings

weary-me.jpg i don’t do well in extreme HEAT & these past few days, i’ve been trying to beat the heat by doing my gardening chores in the early morning & early evening. but that tactic hasn’t been working too well lately as the temps seem to rise from 60 degrees F to 90-something degrees F so freakin’ quickly.  yes, i keep hydrated & wear plenty of sun protection, but one can only move so fast in hot weather, y’know what i’m sayin’?  yesterday, despite working in the partial shade of the yard, the heat still got to me & i had to go inside &  lie down. 

one sizzlin’ summer day many moons ago, i actually had “heat stroke”.  i was with a friend (who had just passed her nursing boards) & it was like 100+ degrees outside.  we were at a concert during the taste of chicago (a wicked huge food/music fest that is held every summer). my friend was talking to me & then all i can remember was everything went black.  i had passed out.  luckily my friend knew what to do & next thing i knew, i heard people asking me if i needed to go to the hospital (i didn’t) & people shoving cold, wet towels & cold drinks on me & telling me to drink.  it was the scariest thing…people were dropping like flies that day.  i was one of the luckier ones who didn’t have to be rushed to the hospital.  i don’t ever want to experience that again. 

anyway, i digress…me + heat…not a good mix.  i don’t know how my dh does it, working in such heat.  he can take the heat better than i.  he just doesn’t tolerate the cold.  i tend to wear a hat if i know that i will be in the sun for any length of time because if i don’t, my black hair just absorbs the sunrays like a sponge.  my head literally feels like it’s on fire if i don’t cover my head!  it’s so ironic because my place of birth is a hot tropical country.  you’d think i’d be so used to heat…go figure.

onto other news, like pix of my friday’s finds this week.  i hadn’t been to one of my fave antique malls for awhile (campus antiques), so the other day when i was browsing thru there,  i came across these c. 1950s bridesmaid cake toppers for a mere 3 bucks for the set.   i figure i could use them in some altered art project or something like that.caketoppers.jpg

tcupmaid.jpg then i found this sweet (tho slightly chipped) demi-tasse & saucer.  it was too stinkin’ cute to pass up (for 3 bucks).  & they were pink, so even more reason to scoop it up 🙂 

vintage-cards.jpg  i also spotted these darlin’ vintage cards for a mere 25 cents each…now with those kind of bargain prices, how could i possibly go wrong? 

i discovered this new blog & was so charmed by these wicked cute ballerina cake toppers>>>ballerinas.jpg  i saw these on ebay.   i can’t wait to make something cute outta these lovelies… 

what’s that saying?   no rest for the weary (or is it wicked?)…the garden is beckoning…& after that, i am sure that the studio will too. 

have a fabulously COOL weekend! xoxo

p.s., i nearly forgot to mention that today is the LAST DAY to sign up for the midsummers’ vintage tea cup swap.  later tonite, i will begin the partnering process.  will post the pairings this weekend 🙂


3 Responses

  1. hope you feel better… It’s been in the 90s over here….. you would not like MO in the summer then… Gets HOT!

  2. I don’t like the heat either and I really hope we aren’t going to have a super hot summer. I sat in the sun at youngest son’s swim lesson for 1/2 an hour yesterday and I could have about passed out! Whew.
    Can’t wait to find out my swap partner!

  3. What do you feel like when you have a heat stroke? Bet I have had one but don’t know the symptoms. I don’t do well in Heat either. I’m really not suppost to be in it..but hehehehehe I do that sometimes anyhoo. Anyhoo, wonderful post! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us!

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