purge on

i have been on a cleaning rampage lately, both inside & out.  it’s become somewhat of a mission ever since the dh had an electrician friend stop by the other day without any advance warning.  i was hoping & praying he wouldn’t notice the piles of stuff (like unfolded laundry!)  everywhere, the dust & the furballs.   so i have been systematically tackling one room at a time as well as battling  the never-ending growth of weeds & lawn in the yards.  i cannot believe the amount of JUNK that has accumulated as i do my own version of “clean house” (that cable show).  i think in a couple weeks i will have a huge garage sale.   it is crazy to continue to hang on to all this junk.  seriously.  it is time to clean up my life.  for real!

i have started to reorganize my studio.  it still is bursting at the seams as tiny as it is.  when i restart “wysiwyg wednesday” (tba, btw), there sure will be loads to giveaway, let me tell ya 🙂 .  i’m still recovering from “sticker shock” from my recent mailings…

purge, purge, purge.  that’s how it’s been lately.  while it is daunting to have to do this singlehandedly, it does feel good to start to see less clutter.  there are bags & bags of stuff everywhere, but it’s all good…lots of them are trash, others are for goodwill & the rest, to sell.  i’ve still a ways yet before i can say that i’ve cleaned house. one thing for sure, though, it will be oh-so worth it in the end. 

i am miffed with myself that i have grossly lapsed in the housekeeping department.  not that i am a total slob (‘cuz i’m not, honestly), though if i were a professional housekeeper, i probably would be FIRED, hehehe.  but i guess when you are so preoccupied with creating art or commuting to/fro & working outside the home,  housekeeping tends to fall way down on the bottom of the priority list.  well,  for me anyway…  but now that i’m pretty much “home-bound” (i.e., working from home), housekeeping has suddenly taken top priority.  so if there are any lapses in my postings, it’s likely due to sheer exhaustion.      

also, i came across this post when i visited my blog pal danielle‘s site the other day & it reminded me that i do not want to be ruled by my blog.  PLUS the weather is warmer now & i am responsible for lawn & garden maintenance around here that i’m finding less time to blog.  oh, i will blog when i have the energy & the urge to (like now for instance) & i will continue to share my creative projects.  it’s just that other things are pressing for my attention at the moment, you know what i’m saying?  

i’m getting ready to start pairing up folks for the midsummer’s vintage tea cup swap (sign-up ends this friday, june 15th).  we have a nice group forming & i am looking forward to seeing everyone’s kewl vintage tea cup finds.  i’m hoping to have everyone paired up by the weekend.

speaking of swaps, i’ve been meaning to share pix of the seashore collage that i received last monday from karla.   


fromkarla2.jpg thanks karla for your lovely collage, tag & card…i truly appreciate them!!!  also, thanks again to danielle for hosting this fun swap! (danielle, you are so very welcome!!  i enjoyed making those atcs for you 🙂 )

welp, i’ve got to water my plants before they start to wilt on me.  until next time, happy wednesday!  🙂


3 Responses

  1. Started to reorganize your studio hey… That’s way more then me. LOLOL I’m to lazy to do that. LOLOLOLOL What a mess too! Anyhoo, wonderful post! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I just sent out my Create a Connection color swap and it was SO much fun putting her package together.

    I wasn’t going to sign up for any more swap….
    But here it is right before your tea swap closes….

    Yes! Sign me up.
    I read the rules and you can count on me my friend!
    Plus I really enjoyed meeting Mindy who sent to me for your cuppa tea party and swap!
    You never know who you will meet!

  3. MaryAnn, I know what you mean about being exhausted and the whole working at home and housekeeping thing. I’m right there with you!

    Looking forward to finding out who my partners are in the Vintage Tea Swap!

    xoxo, Fran

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