open house

over the weekend, the dh & i were invited to an open house hosted by one of his clients.  my dh had a hand (a ton actually) building his client’s 3-story addition (2500 sq.ft) as well as remodeled the existing house, both inside & out.  it was a labor-intensive project that took about a year to complete. 

 i knew that my husband did fine work, but i was AMAZED, no OVERWHELMED, to see how much my dh had done at this client’s home.  his handiwork was EVERYWHERE.  i guess, when you have a client with a few bucks, the sky’s the limit {must be nice!}.

 the dh said that the client wouldn’t mind if i took pictures of her house.  i was a bit embarrassed, but then i saw a bunch of other folks with their honkin’ big 35mm.  so, i  felt encouraged to whip out  my tiny, slim digi-cam.  i would’ve taken LOADS more as i could not believe the my dh’s imprint was all over this HUGE shack of a place!  i started to feel like one of those ubiquitous camera-totin’ tourists…so i held back some.

  this is the “addition” my dh & another carpenter built from blueprints.  this was totally new construction.  my dh was involved literally from the ground up>>>from pouring the foundation to putting the roof shingles on.  the entire addition housed the master suite (the entire 3rd floor), the (2) kids’ bedroom suites (entire 2nd floor) & the kids’ playroom/ nanny’s bedroom (lower level).    

  i was (& still am) in awe of my dh.  i know that in the past year, he’d come home & tell me tidbits of the jobsite, voice his complaints, etc… but i had no idea of the magnitude of his involvement with this project! to say this was a long job was an UNDERSTATEMENT.   it was so cute to see him excitedly giving me a tour of the house & pointed here & there to things that he had worked on or built. 

 there was so much that he did here…like i said, i was overwhelmed at the amount of things he did here.  after i picked up my tongue (several times) from off the polished wood floors, i did manage to take some pix of the house.  he built this deck which hugged the entire 2nd floor (as well as the balcony deck on the 3rd floor of the addition).  he even put together the deck furniture for the client.

 he put in this pre-fabbed staircase (though, he could built one just as nice or better) leading into the new addition.  this area used to be a wall of the exisiting house.

 i am so incredibly  proud of my dh…it’s crazy!   my dh is so modest & unassuming when it comes to his handiwork.  i  think i must have said “OMG!” 50 trillion times that night.  if not out loud, in my head then!

 the dh was so cute when he showed me one of the built-ins he made.  he really is a furniture maker at heart.  it’s a storage bench in one of the client’s walk-in closets (yeh, she has 3!)…

  the dh also built this storage bench in the client’s daughters’ walk-in closet. 

  i can only imagine what my dh must have thought & looked like when he was asked to build these canopies for the one daughter’s bedroom. he is such a manly man, that anything frou-frou would be something he would turn down.  i vaguely recall my dh complaining how he had to build them several times as the homeowner kept changing her mind.

  almost everything he pointed out to me as we were touring the house had some sort of story or anecdote.  like this pink sconce in the girls’ bathroom suite.  it took him hours to build this wood mount according to the client’s specifications (the client, let’s say, has been known to change her mind quite frequently during the construction). 

over the years i have seen many of my dh’s works in various stages of progress/completion.  this open house was really the first that i got to see the “finished product”.  my dh says, “are you kidding me?   this is not done yet.  i’ve got another punchlist to do on monday”…

you could’ve fooled me. 



6 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the expamples of your dh’s beautiful work. He is certainly dedicated and rightly proud of it. It must be tremendously satisfying work when you can point to something beautiful and substantial that simply did not exist a year before, except as a drawing, and know that you are a part of it. Hats off to him and to your great photos. Love those of him on the job that pretty blue-sky day!

  2. Wow – he is incredibly talented! It’s fun to see what he does – just as much an artist as you! 🙂

  3. WOW! Beautiful photo’s! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Oh wow how gorgeous is that house, your husband is a genius, does this mean your house is seriously amazing, with both your talents, 3 walk in wardrobes I am sad, in the UK we don’t have them, we ahve to use a little cupboards.

  5. its gorgeous!! what a clever man you have!!!I love that style of home!

  6. OMG, Mar!! Fantastic!!
    Carpenters are very special people, aren’t they? (My Dad and my brother included! 😉 ) Your DH is a master craftsman – you are a perfect match! 🙂

    Much Love to you both, Suze xXx

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