studio friday

This week’s topic for Studio Friday June 8th: SP(E)ACIAL!

Take a look around you at your studio space…how much space do you have?  TINY, roughly 100 square feet!

Take a look at your art…how does your space influence your art in any way? Do you create small or large art works? Do you see a parallel? I tend to create on a small-ish scale, like cards, atcs & surfaces no bigger than 12 x12…usually…though i have been known to work on larger-scaled projects, like my watercolor paintings, they are like poster-size.   & yes, i do feel a bit limited as to the size of my art project will be in my teeny studio.  if i feel the urge to create something larger, i just move to a bigger space, like my dining room that way i feel more comfortable to spread out & create. sometimes, i go outside in my garden & do some sketching or drawing (when the weather is nice, of course).  there’s something about painting or drawing plein aire…   

Take a look at your dream studio space (yippieh!)…what does it look like? What is the layout? Is it big or small?  This is something that i do dream about A LOT.  i am digging the whole idea of having a separate studio space (very similar to mixed media artist, anna corba’s garden -turned-studio shed) imbedded in my garden, very much a cottage in my mind.  it will be LARGE (i.e., more than 1o0 sq ft!), airy space with TONS of natural lighting.  i would fill the space with antique finds, storage (armoires, bureaus, cabinets, shelving, cubbies, etc.) , a small, but sparkly chandelier, my vintage dress form, fresh cut flowers, sewing machine, a small bandsaw, a huge, wall-sized inspiration board & all my art supplies (of course) neatly & atractively displayed all around the studio. 

the studio itself would be whitewashed in soft, creamy white paint.  the floors would be distressed, old wideboard floors.  i love the idea of having an island as my work surface with built-in storage underneath.  (my dh knows ALL about this…i always remind him what kind of art table i want him to build me!) i also love the idea of having a sink, heck a small kitchenette!  how about a little lounging area with tv, stereo & computer station & bathroom (so i wouldn’t have to trek back & forth to the main house).  this studio would also serve as a “guest house” or a personal retreat, a “home” away from home… ahhh…a girl can dream, can’t she?

 And most important of all: What art do you create in it? Will it be on a larger or smaller scale than before? the sky’s the limit in this dream studio of mine.  i would have this ridiculous amount of space that i could create a wall-sized mixed media collage if my heart desired, ya know?!  i’ve always wanted to try my hand had metal-smithing/sculpting…as i would imagine i would need a large space to create such art.  i still would make my small creations as before…but i think with more studio space, i really do believe that it would open up, literally & figuratively, more room for creativity…especially being surrounded by beautiful & artfully displayed things.  surrounding yourself with things that you love & bring you joy…now that’s a good thing.

And what can you do to get closer to your vision this week/month/year?  well, i’ll have to say that i will continue to dream this dream of mine until one day, “poof” it comes true.  actually, i have started an inspiration book with magazine cut-outs & other inspirational ephemera/pix to help me realize this dream someday.  everytime i see something that speaks to my heart & gets my creative juices going, i clip it out & paste it in my book.   i’ve been meaning to transfer some of my clippings onto a “dream board”, which i plan to do this summer.  that way, i can hang this board in my studio & be always reminded what i am working toward.  i figure, keeping your eye on the “prize” will eventually pay off in the long run.    


3 Responses

  1. I have quite a similar dream space in mind too, complete with the kitchenette and cottage feel. Good on achieving your dream space!

  2. Oo!! It sounds fantastic! And it sounds like you have just the man for the job! 😉
    🙂 Abbie

  3. I thin one shouldn’t do a lot of housekeeping all day, but do as you and clean it all through once in a while. than you can really tell something has been done, right? 😉

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