friday’s finds, among other things

have been busy in the garden this week & i guess all the sweat-equity is paying off because i’m finding that my pants are fitting a little looser than usual (yay, what an unexpected, nice surprise!).  plus, i’m not junking out as much (like i had been when i was working at the school), now that i’m working at home.  have been trying to eat more healthfully now that it’s warmer out.  & the dh loves to grill a ton this time of year.

anyway, i don’t know about you, but i think it is FAB that both my local michael’s & jo ann fabrics accept competitor (40% & 50%) coupons…yay!!!  i LIVE for those…they are like GOLD, you know what i’m saying?!   because i was able to use one of them for this nifty book>>>total eye candy, but also very informative & not to mention inspiring! i am lovin’ the cool ideas in here…definitely getting the creative juices flowing! 

 then i used my other coupon (jo ann’s) at micheal’s to get those sweet chalk inks…so summery…can’t wait to use those…& i spotted these wicked cute acrylic stamp sets in the $1 bin…they had a whole array of sets, but i was good & only bought 2…what cool (& inexpensive) stuff i found for this week’s friday’s finds.

i also got busy in the studio whipping up these atcs, as my way to thank danielle for hosting her seashore collage swap. i hope she will like…  this was an incredibly fruitful swap for me, because i’ve been cranking out all sorts of seaside themed art lately 🙂 …

 welp, here is the “winner” of the collage contest i had the other day.  that’s going in the mail too today.  i added a bonus tag, well, just because…& also i can’t seem to stop myself from creating seaside stuff, hehehe… i believe i am caught up with my swap wips.  actually i have one more coming up, the midsummer’s vintage tea cup swap that my sis & i are hosting (which sign-up ends june 15th, btw)…but i pretty much have that covered…i already found my vintage tea cup set…but won’t show just yet.  don’t want to give away the surprise, now do i?

  here’s a tag i made for a personal swap with a flickr pal of mine.  i’ve got seashore on the brain, i’m afraid!

 & in my garden, i have been blessed with an extraordinary batch of pink peonies this year.  i am amazed by their stunning exquisiteness.

i just had to bring some in so that they can fill their intoxicating scent in our bedroom.

ooh, it is grand to be alive!


3 Responses

  1. Ohhh what wonderful works! It’s amazing what you can do with some of the things gotten at art supply stores!
    I bet you are overjoyed to be loosing weight. YOU gooo!!! 🙂 Now I need to loose some…can you send the working bug to me? LOLOLOL
    Anyhoo, wonderful post!

  2. Oooh, your peonies are beautiful, I love them. One of my favorite flowers….and they smell great, too!

  3. you are too much…your GORGEOUS atc’s came today!!!! what wonderful treasures they are! and you made me 2 of them????? you are so sweet. thank you so much! i will cherish them…and LOVE your pink peonies…thank you for sharing the pics!

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