votes are in & just a reminder

it feels pretty nice knowing that my weds & thurs are FREE for at least the next couple of months.  i don’t have to get up before the crack of dawn & do the commute to the school…yipee!  what a relief, you know?   since we had those few days of rainfall, our lawn is in desperate need of mowing!  i have never mowed or cut a lawn in my life.  & now that the dh is in his busy season (as a carpenter), he’s pretty much left the lawn maintenance up to MOI (oh no!). he gave me a crash course on using the gas-powered mower (i told him, pls, don’t make me get on the tractor mower! that would be too nerve-wracking, especially if he won’t be around to supervise me). me + mechanical machinery + gas = not a good combo. a recipe for disaster, really.  but i will suck it up & get to the lawn today. i will repeat the mantra over & over,  I CAN DO IT.

though the yard is big-time calling me, i wanted to be sure i properly thanked everyone who voted & helped narrow down my seashore choice (for danielle’s swap mentioned previously).  you have helped me TREMENDOUSLY , more than you’ll ever know.  from both here on my blog & in my flickr,  {drumroll, please}  the mermaid collage was THE ONE that people said was their “fave.”   many thanks for all your generous comments & assistance!  it was really very much appreciated.  i will get that out shortly to my lucky swap partner (plus send a little somethin-somethin to danielle, the swap hostess)…i am in the works on making more collages that i intend on putting in my etsy & shops (see sidebar on left for the links).  i have a bunch of artsy-craftsy wips waiting for me in the studio.  but i won’t get to them until i get the darn lawn cut!

speaking of cutting, i was growing tired of my hair & decided to give myself a trim (i have been doing this for years, i’m afraid to admit)…i think i cut my bangs too short than usual…but they were getting too long & always in my eyes…it drove me nuts!   shortcut.jpg oh well, i know that i’m no professional, but luckily my hair tends to grow fast.  once a diy-er, always a diy-er, right?

also, i wanted to tell you that there is still time to sign-up for our midsummer’s vintage tea cup swap until june 15th.  we have a nice bunch already forming & it would be groovy to have more join us in this tea cup LOVE swap, hehehe!

another thing i wanted to mention before i don my gardening gear, is there is still plenty of time to sign up for justBe, a wicked cool creative bloggers event (the inaugural year) which will be held on cape cod, massachusetts the weekend of oct 12th.  check it out…i’ll be doing a rubberstamp workshop (along with my kewl pal, angie wangie).  & there’s a bunch of other amazing workshops too…it’s gonna be a blast! 

okay.  that’s enough stalling on my part.  i gotta get crack-a-lacking with the yard work.  until next time, have a great rest of the week!

xoxo mary ann 


5 Responses

  1. Great job on the haircut! Don’t worry about the lawn, I’m sure you will be a pro in no time.
    Looking forward to the tea cup swap, I even picked up a few little goodies today for my future swapee. : )

  2. Hey Mary Ann!

    Ihaven’t touched base with you in a while and wanted to be sure everything was aok.

  3. you are too stinkin’ cute…love the haircut!

  4. Your hair looks wonderful!

    Looking forward to seeing you in the fall!


  5. The haircut is cute. I got one of your tags in Raesha’s swap – really cute too. Thank you so much. And for the moo card. (Its my first one.)

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